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Turn 2184 - lots of stuff happening

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  • Turn 2184 - lots of stuff happening

    So guys, it seems things are gonna rolling again...

    - Got IntInt from Gaia, will have MMI in 5 years.

    - Stole Superstring from Yang (Chaos Gun - we are the only human faction with 8er weapons right now

    - Gaia and Angels are suddenly Treatied with Sparta - it seems like race for Transcendency indeed

    - We got an offer from Sparta
    1) BioEngineering against
    x Tech of choice (what might we be interested in? MMI?)
    x Treaty with Uni (blah)
    x their support for Global Trade Pact (haven't done the math yet)

    2) Our price for our support for Governor Googlie

    I'm only slightly tempted to give BioEng to Sparta, it is a huge advance for us as long as we have it and they don't.

    Infrastructure and cash are coming along nicely and tech rate is superb, given our population numbers and lack of research facilities.

    Oh yeah, the turn. I will definitely wait 48 hours and listen to input.
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    As possible tech to ask from Sparta:

    What techs do they have that Yang doesn't have (we can steal those). If that only leaves unimportant techs, don't do it.
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      BioEng = Clean doesn't it?

      I don't want sparta to have that if it is.

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        Okay, I have asked them for their tech offers to buy some time.

        Bio-Eng won't be traded - but what do you think about supporting them for Governor for a Global Trade Pact, an Uni Treaty and a tech trade?
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          Why do they make it seam like we get a lot in return? Wouldn't they support a global trade pact anyway? It would benefit them for sure with their 2 submissive pact brothers and all other factions befriended....

          BTW: who is the current governor? When was he/she elected? Who would be the candidates?

          (just to have an idea how "valuable" our votes are)
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