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Turn 2179

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  • Turn 2179

    The turn arrived apparently five minutes after I left from home...
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    I just looked at it:

    => Seems like we lost our only probe foil. Did it die while doing an undercover operation or did the spartans kill it?

    => Gaia accepted our bio-engineering tech

    => Yang is getting dangerous (13 chaos jets + 13 missile jets). He has 5 more techs than we have. Did we probe him yet (ie: are his bases protected by encryption yet) ?

    => About upgrading to clean : all 20 ec's costs units are done, so now it's time for the 30 ec's ones : formers (and maybe the plasma defenders).
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      I started making Gators and a Probe Team for Yang infiltration, thanks for the hint, I tend to neglect Probes.

      Part of our Defenders became Clean. Advantage: you can upgrade them one-by-one without interrupting former duties.

      Killed a few Hive units.
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