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The tale of 'Old Sporey'

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  • The tale of 'Old Sporey'

    The Tale of 'Old Sporey'

    Well it's hard to know where to begin. One day the Datajacks are out there tilling the land and whoosh or whooooorey there is this strange native lifeform on the store step looking rather forelorn.
    Sinder knew somehow the life form was friendly and engaged in a mental telepathy type thing that resulted in our adoption of 'Old Sporey'.

    'Old Sporey' as we called 'her'? wasn't exactly the most attractive life form we had encountered but she did have the way of moving through the red stuff. And hey you eventually get used to those tenticles. In some lights they are quite artistic.

    She (Old Sporey) liked the security( homiliness) of her own base and liked nothing better than firing big red spore balls into the night sky for human folks amusement. It wasn't a festival proper, unless 'Old Sporey' was there ,everyone agreed..

    Well times passed and on occasions 'Old Sporey' would venture out to communicate with the other native lifeforms: in particular, she liked to visit one Fungal Towers. Little did we guess that 'Old Sporey' was in fact quite a 'randy' (or whatever it might be called) native life form and sure enough in the passage of time we saw little splishy splashy feet (well ok, tenticles) of little mindworms all over the place. Needless to say Fungal Towers had also developed quite a ' how should I put it' , fatherly reputation.

    No harm, we are a tolerant faction and many of us took to employing 'Old Sporey's offspring to safeguard our houses.

    Things were going along fine. Then a day or so ago 'Old Sporey' mentioned she was going on an 'adventure holiday' up into the high redlands , beyond 'Rock,Paper, Scissors' . There were reports of a strange poddy type object up there and her adventurous spirit could not be contained. Damn it , she was part of the new Female Native Life Liberation movement.

    Up to that point, 'Old Sporey' was an admired pathfinder,
    a natural leader, a success story. We all all loved her, Sinder even saw her as a potential successor.

    Then suddenly, Blank, Blank, and more Blank, as screens went crazy at Datajack Central. we had no idea what was happening. Eventually saftey systems kick in, but then as someone asked, where is 'Old Sporey'? when you need her.

    Well we looked and looked but 'Old Sporey' seems to have literally jumped. Maybe that urge to sky dive overcame her homeside instincts. Who knows.

    What we do know is that in the place she called 'Home' she has left a family. anxious for her return.

    "Sporey phone home"

    If you could only see the chemical droplets in their optical organs.

    Hopefully to be continued.
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    *snif* And now she changed allegiances...
    He who knows others is wise.
    He who knows himself is enlightened.
    -- Lao Tsu

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