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A name and content for our faction journal

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  • A name and content for our faction journal

    A name and content for our faction journal.

    As well as our recruitment thread, our faction newsheet or journal could also attract the new recruits.

    So names and subject matter welcome.

    I'll throw in

    Intelligence Periodical

    Janes Intelligence Monitor.

    Heaven's Gate

    The Angels Guardian (a take on the Manchester Guardian - a famous UK paper and Guardian Angel In fact our 'editor ' could be Gabriel.

    I doubt we could reach the dizzy heights of Pravda but there could be some fun.

    In the UK, some years ago, the Intelligence services placed puzzles on their website to attract new recruits.

    I would be wary of going down the digital 01010 route, first because I would be lost and second because it has been done already.
    On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation

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    Oh and we need an editor who can pull together contributions. Foolish?

    Enigma could maybe modify another cartoon series.
    On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation


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      Hercules: Don't look at me.
      I don't have the material to make funny comments.
      Well, I have Morgan's EC error,
      The Mods taking their sweet time,
      The Obs vs. Enigma flame war,
      Actually, I have enough material.

      But you don't know how long it takes to find an appropriate comic and edit it. @_@;;
      But then again, I'd get another 'done stuff' medal, and I do like medals.

      On a related note
      /me hands Hercules 2 'done stuff' medals


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        /me wishes for more time...
        I'm not conceited, conceit is a fault and I have no faults...

        Civ and WoW are my crack... just one... more... turn...


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          Potential Articles for a press release:

          *rock-paper-scissors democracy

          *An extension of Geo's 009-meeting-with-roze-story

          *Geo's "regretful" secret mission

          *Enigma's departure

          *Exploring/Investigating a monolith

          *The Morgan EC restart and the quantum dissolvement of our Ogre

          *Something about discovering the Hive's location

          Suggestions? If you have any interest in one of the suggestions or your own idea, go for it!
          Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


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            Point 2,4 and 6 will be covered in my next writing... Sth in the way of agent 042 and 024 infiltrating the Hive for they're the only people we have within the Angels who have sufficient background to pass for Hiverians (ACDG II).

            And for all I care, use the 'regretful' mission as a discovery setup for the Hive. Let's confuse the others a bit.
            He who knows others is wise.
            He who knows himself is enlightened.
            -- Lao Tsu

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