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Notepad - For all those Dribs and Drabs of information

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  • Notepad - For all those Dribs and Drabs of information

    Important Forum Links
    Alpha Centauri
    Main Public Forum

    Data Angels
    Morgan Offsite Forum

    Faction's Passwords
    Gaians - harmony
    Data Angels - algore2000
    Morgan - marketing
    Spartans - domination

    Important Threads
    The Observatory - Junk posts
    Moderator Game News - Game Moderator Discussion
    Game Strategy Observations - Comments on Strategies
    Pholus Lunar Outpost - (CMNs Roleplay) - Roleplay Stories

    Offsite Forums
    3rd Morgan Offsite Forum - need to get your own password and login
    Data Angel Offsite Forum - need to get your own password and login

    Deleted: 2nd Morgan Offsite Forum - password: monopoly
    Deleted: Spartan Offsite Forum - Password: Morea

    History of Faction's Password Changes
    Game Start - Gaians - harmony
    Game Start - Data Angels - intelligence
    Game Start - Morgan - marketing
    Game Start - Spartans - domination
    MY2101-GaianTurn - Data Angels -> algore2000

    Important Links

    Newspaper Template - please don't save any changes to the template

    Jobs and Titles Within the CMNs
    Buster: Game Creator
    Drogue: Main Moderator
    Method: Mikromod of the Third Alpha Centraui Democracy Game
    Kody: Narrator of the Third Alpha Centraui Democracy Game.
    Honghu: Secondary Narrator

    Work Related
    Kody: spam puppy (editor of the Pholus Lunar Newscast)

    Method: Assistant of our Lord and Master Drogue
    Method: Grand Moff of Pointless Titles
    Kody: Janitor of Honghu's Washroom

    Kody's Official Title
    Narrator of the Third Alpha Centraui Democracy Game, Senior Consultant on Universe Mechanics of Morgan Industries, Minister in charge of making sure the pins stay in the right spots on the War Map for the Spartans, Joint Peanut publisher for the Data Angels, Senior Nudist Runner Through Trees and Executive Preserve of Rosbuds of the Gaians, Spam Puppy - editor of the Pholus Lunar Newscast, and Janitor of Honghu's Washroom.

    Method's Official Title
    Grand Moff of Pointless Titles, Spartan Secretary of Keeping the DBTSverse Bunnies at Bay, Morganic Minister of Monocle, Founder, Leader and only Member of Gaian Republican Party, Gumtelfitrickber Minister of the Spartan Federation, Team Spammer of the Data Angels, President of the Spartan Pacifist Party, Chief Admirer of the Tall and Particularly Beautiful Stand of White Pine Planted at the Time of the First Colonies of the Gaian Union, General Error, Chief TKGer, Supreme Quasianthropomorphic Personfication of a Pause for Thought for Gaians, President of the Let's-Give-Method-A-Fancy-Title Dining Club, Assistant of our Lord and Master Drogue, and Mikromod of the Third Alpha Centauri Democracy Game.
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