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    The Nguyen family sat closely gathered together by the radio in their apartment. Life in the underground complexes of Society Grid carried on as usual. Their government assured them that the Angel military presence in the vicinity was merely part of a trap against the Datatech troops, so there was no reason for concern. Yang was a brilliant leader, of course. Right now, they were trying to catch the final part of the evening theater performance, broadcast live from Unity Lair.

    Of course, now with these blasted sunspots, reception was poor at best. Father Nguyen had worked hard to hook up various antenna and devices to enhance the signal, and it seemed to work. But in their daily frantic channel surfing, they had started picking up military frequencies. Both the bizarre electronic signals they had learned to associate with the Datatech communications, and of course the familiar voices of loyal Hive soldiers, shouting out their orders and damage reports.

    But today, right in the middle of the monologue by comrade Ulrich, the Nguyens picked up something different. A plethora of voices came streaming out of the radio, uttering short and concise phrases, with precision timing and order. It was reminiscent of machine gun fire in rhythm, but the words did not usually make much sense. Sometimes it would stop abruptly, but just as suddenly start all over again a minute or so later. Father Nguyen was fascinated, though quite upset over missing his favourite part of the play.

    Long after the play was over, Father continued to listen to the mysterious broadcasts. He eventually decided to call the military police to alert them of his discovery. It might get him some extra credits, perhaps even a transfer to the Rec Commons in The Hive.

    The military of course confiscated his equipment, and transferred the Nguyens to front line service in Labor Network. Deep inside the Hive, military intelligence officers were frantically trying to decipher the Spartan command transmissions. There were many of them ... Finally, the Spartan military machine was moving. But where were they going? The entire Hive command center held its breath as the radio team triangulated the source of the transmissions.

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    As the dust settled over Terrapeso, Major Snoddasmannen brushed some of it off his new boots and went over the numbers on his terminal. He might as well have just looked around at the smoking debris. It was clear, the Morgans were defeated. 16 bases captured in the first wave, and with the second wave soon to come, it was only a matter of time before Morgan Industries were out of business. Militarily, there was little the Morgans could do except cause a nuisance with their few remaining units, scattered over the fringes of the continent.

    The Morgan troops had been ill trained and far too poorly equipped to stand up against the Spartan troops, who had suffered very few casualties. "Even fewer, if those senior officers had stopped meddling in my plans", Snoddasmannen muttered to himself.

    It was only a matter of mopping up now. Hardly a dignified job for the greatest military system on Planet.

    One thing was for sure, the people of Terrapeso would be waking up to the new century in a way they had not been hoping for.


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      Colonel Googlie sat in the Command Center feeling very pleased with life.

      Operation Golden Dawn had exceeded expectations. The wargames had revealed some different strategies, some of which had been adopted for actual implementation, others having been improvised and improved upon in the field.

      The wargame simulation had been a resounding success, although at the cost of considerable disruption. In fact, the whole Command Center network had been shut down no less than 19 times with overload and reload problems, causing energy disruptions that even drew a comment from the Gaian Lords!! Then the Crypteia Division technicians (who were responsible for setting up the wargame scenario) had been told that they were running live to reinstate the Command Center links before the deadlines were exceeded.

      But it had all worked out well in the end. Operation Golden Dawn was now almost complete, and original objectives had not only been met but exceeded.

      Colonel Googlie leaned over to Colonel Maniac, and after a whispered conversation, nodded and sat back. Promotions were in order - perhaps a generalship for himself and Pedro. Certainly Colonel rank for the key field operatives - Majors Snoddasmannen and Zeiter and a Commodore rank for Captain Modo. And a promotion to Major for Captain Vishniac.

      His thoughts turned to the Colonel. Poor Corazon. How she would have relished this moment. But alas, she was being maintained on life support, barely even a vegetable. Her recovery would be dependent on the scientists’ efforts in retroviral engineering and bio-engineering.

      Ah well. In the meantime the Spartan Federation - and Chiron - was in capable hands.


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        Phalanx Special Wartime Issue!

        Phalanx Special Wartime Issue: MY 2200

        Election Results Are In!

        The results of the 2199 general election have been tabulated, and the citizens of the Spartan Federation have given a resounding "No!" to the agenda of the Sparta Reform Coalition, led by Colonel Googlie. The Sparta Reform Coalition (SRC) is known for its pro-military (yet pro-Morganite) foreign policy and pro-commerce domestic policy. While the SRC has had to compromise with the Federation Democratic Party (FDP) during its time as the ruling party of the Spartan Federation and institute a planned economy, it has made no effort to conceal its friendliness with the Morganite faction. In fact, analysts have speculated that this continued cooperation with the Morganites (what some have labeled “appeasement”) is what plunged its approval rating to record lows and forced the SRC to call a new election. The only region to still support the Sparta Reform Coalition with a plurality of votes was the Ironholm district. This comes as no surprise, considering that still roughly half of the residents of Ironholm are former Morganite citizens.

        [IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\ACDG3 Attack Plans\2198 Election.JPG[/IMG]

        The big winner of this general election is the Federation Democratic Party (FDP). The FDP ran with a platform “national defense and economic security.” Its leadership has advocated an agenda of increased military expenditures, pre-emptive foreign intervention in order to defend national interests and ensure domestic security, and continued implementation of a planned economy, so as to “ensure adequate standards of living for all Spartan families and further develop the Spartan Federation’s essential industrial infrastructure.” Many have heralded the FDP’s skillful implementation of the planned economy as the primary reason for the dramatic population boom seen in the Spartan Federation in recent years. The FDP‘s increasing championing of the “pre-emptive military action” doctrine is rather different from its earlier stance of staunch isolationism. FDP party leaders cite as a reason for this the fact that the Spartan Federation has become a global power, and thus has global responsibilities. The FDP gathered pluralities in almost all of the Laconian districts, ousting the SRC in all of the west Laconian districts and strengthening its dominance in the Spartan “core-lands” surrounding Sparta Command. It is here that the so-called “Old Guard” of the Spartan leadership holds the most political influence. The “Old Guard” also has signficant influence in Fort Superiority, which has received significant funds from the FDP economic ministers for infrastructural development. The FDP also won a plurality in the Minas Tirith district, beating out the Federated Socialists who had been dominant there in the last election. The Federated Socialists’ programme of unification with the Hive has not found much support ever since the Hive launched its attack on the Spartan Federation some years ago and advanced on Minas Tirith, the Hive soldiers murdering and pillaging as they went. Fortunately, the brave defenders of Minas Tirith held the Hiverian hordes at bay, and today the city stands proudly as a symbol of the Spartan fighting spirit. Indeed, the Hiverian attacks spurred a wave of patriotism that is still strongly felt in the Minas Tirith region today. Minas Tirith has also benefited from the generous military contracts that the FDP economic ministers have bestowed upon the industries in Minas Tirith, which has created even more support there for the FDP.

        Moreover, Laconia as a whole is one of the most populous regions of the Spartan Federation, and the FDP’s popularity in Laconia has helped the FDP secure a majority in the Spartan Federation as a whole.

        The Faculty for a Free Arcadia (FFA) was the second most popular party in this years election. The FFA dominated in the areas formerly under University of Planet control. In recent years several North Arcadian cities have experienced rapid population growth, giving the FFA, whose support mainly comes from Northern Arcadia, an edge in the electoral arena.

        In other developments, The Federated Socialists lost popularity in Twonuts Strand as well. Instead, the Industrial Workers of Planet (IWP), a syndicalist organization hostile to both the Hive and the Spartan Federation led by foreman Domai, achieved an overwhelming victory in the latest election, garnering some 70% of the vote. Workers cite the Hiverian incursions against the city of Twonuts Strand as reasons for rejecting the Socialist Federation and its programme of unification with the Hive and opting to vote for the IWP. Domai has been known to incite civil unrest among the drones of the Spartan Federation and call for strike actions that could have threatened Spartan military production. The Spartan high command is watching these developments closely.

        The Green Chiron Party maintained its popularity in the Iaci district and made gains in the district near Hero’s Waypoint. There has reportedly been a greater than usual amount of native life activity near Hero’s Waypoint as of late, which has convinced many citizens there to pay more attention to the native life issue. In many of the former Peacekeeper districts the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) dominated. The PFP has promoted an agenda of increased civil rights, peaceful foreign relations, and land reform aimed at restoring some of the rural South Arcadian lands to their original Peacekeeper owners. The most unexpected development in this election was the popularity in the districts of Defiance Freehold and Fort Sol of the South Arcadian Federation for Freedom of Information and Communication (SAFFIC). The group claims to be an ultra-libertarian wing of the PFP, but some officials in the Spartan high command suspect that SAFFIC is a front group for Data Angel subversives in Southern Arcadia. Androt McCurtney, an official in the Spartan high command, declared yesterday, “The Spartan Federation and the Data Angels are still at war. To promote the ideology of the enemy in a time of war is to give aid and comfort to the enemy, and, in my opinion, should be considered treasonous. The people of the Spartan Federation should not take lightly the prospect of Data Angel infiltration within our government. If we’re not careful, our government will soon be infested with those bloodthirsty anarchists whose sole aim is to spread chaos and destruction in our society and empower our enemy while hiding behind a smokescreen of “freedom of information and communication.” I urge all citizens to utterly reject the programme of SAFFIC and support my initiative to investigate suspected Data Angel subversives inside our government and entertainment industry. We can’t be too careful when dealing with these crazy anarchists. Better dead than purple, that’s what I say!” Some citizens voted for SAFFIC out of confusion. “I thought lesbian orgies were a part of SAFFIC’s political platform.” says one resident of Fort Sol. “Oh well, I guess I need to be more informed next time I vote and not jump to conclusions based on the acronyms of the political parties.” A SAFFIC spokesperson yesterday announced that, due to popular demand, SAFFIC is considering making lesbian orgies a part of its political platform.

        In other news, at the post-election press conference in Sparta Command the FDP chairman accused the SRC chairman of obtaining funds from the GUH, a clandestine organization in league with the MDO and the RHC, which in turn are connected to the KIC and the VOR through a network of NGO’s and FV--aw, screw it! It’s too many initials! I can’t take it anymore!...

        Election results:
        Popular Vote:
        Total: 91,133
        Federation Democratic Party (FDP) - 47,563 (52.2%)
        Faculty for a Free Arcadia (FFA) - 19,124 (21.0%)
        Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) - 10,072 (11.1%)
        Green Chiron Party (GCP) - 4,831 (5.3%)
        Industrial Workers of Planet (IWP) - 3,696 (4.1%)
        Sparta Reform Coalition (SRC) - 3,208 (3.5%)
        South Arcadian Federation for Freedom of Information and Communication (SAFFIC) - 2,639 (2.9%)

        District votes:
        Total: 187
        Federation Democratic Party (FDP) - 96
        Faculty for a Free Arcadia (FFA) - 41
        Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) - 22
        Green Chiron Party (GCP) - 10
        Industrial Workers of Planet (IWP) - 7
        Sparta Reform Coalition (SRC) - 6
        South Arcadian Federation for Freedom of Information and Communication (SAFFIC) - 5

        New Spartan Government Goes to War Against Morganites!

        The new FDP-led government has already endeavored to fulfill its campaign promises and immediately confront the Morganite threat. At a special address to the federation yesterday, Colonel Maniac Riviera stated, "No longer will our economic security be swayed to and fro by the whims of those bloated Morganite bankers. No longer will we have to look across the Buster Ocean with fearful eyes, knowing that the Morganites could attack ANY MINUTE. No longer will our military commanders be blinded by the yellow glare of the Morganite cities on their strategic vidboards. Now we approach the dawn of a new century, and it will be a Golden Dawn, yet a dawn without the GOLDEN MENACE! Long live the Spartan Federation!"

        Immediately following the special address to the federation Colonel Maniac Riviera authorized military action to be taken against the Morganites. Colonel Maniac has stated that military operations against the Morganites will continue until the Morganites are "no longer a threat to the Spartan homeland (as deemed by the highly subjective opinion of the Spartan high command)."

        Spartan Military Intelligence Reveals Morganite Planet Buster Development Program!

        At a recent press conference of intelligence experts Spartan CRYPTEIA teams unveiled what they felt constituted a "grave and imminent threat" to the Spartan Federation.

        CRYPTEIA Commander: "Several months ago Spartan infiltrators in the Morganite government discovered that the Morganite laboratories had made significant breakthroughs in their research of fusion power. Naturally, the Spartan high command found this information to be of great consequence, and they sent in several CRYPTEIA aerial recon teams to investigate the matter more thoroughly. What they found is truly shocking."

        CRYPTEIA Photographic Expert: "Indeed, we were able to take these photographs which show that the Morganites now possess advanced planet buster weapons.

        [IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\Bunny.JPG[/IMG]

        Reporter Johnson: "Uh...sir, that's a rabbit."

        CRYPTEIA Photographic Expert: "Ah, but that's no ordinary rabbit! What you are looking at is the most technologically sophisticated PLANET BUSTER BUNNY known to man! That there is the meanest, most explosive little bunny you ever set your eyes on! And it's got BIG, POINTY TEETH!

        Reporter Johnson: "No...that looks like an ordinary rabbit to me."

        CRYPTEIA Photographic Expert: "Oh no, that little fellow is packed with planet buster explosives. It'll plumb bite your head off, and incinerate an entire city, to boot! That's why these little bunnies are so dangerous. They are small, easily smuggled, cute, furry, subversive, yet DEADLY!" And the Morganites are stockpiling these little critters as we speak!"

        Reporter Johnson: "How exactly can you be sure that this rabbit has that you describe just by looking at the photograph?"

        CRYPTEIA Photographic Expert: "Ha! You think we would reveal our most sensitive secrets in advanced technical photographic analysis to YOU?! What do you think we are, STUPID?"

        Reporter Johnson: "......"

        CRYPTEIA Photographic Expert: "That's right. You got nothin'. Now, if you don't mind, we shall continue with the photographic analysis. As you can see, we even managed to get a snapshot of a test launch of a Planet Buster Bunny ICBM, shown here:

        [IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\rabbitat.JPG[/IMG]

        Reporter Johnson: "I'm sorry, but is that a group of men dressed in medieval battle costumes there in the picture?"

        CRYPTEIA Photographic Expert: "You have asked enough questions for today!...Oh, wait, I've just been notified that the Colonel wishes to meet with unfortunately we must end the press conference there. Long live the Spartan Federation!"
        Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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          In short: Morgan got PWNed.
          Seriously. Kung freaking fu.


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            Morgan didn't got PWNed at all. We don't even know what that word means.

            Anyway, the spartans do like to overreact it seems. They win 1 battle and think the war is won.

            Wait till I find at least one more survivor and we might even be able to reanimate our turnplayer.

            It is a little hard to get us organised now that you destroyed our stock market for the second time, but we'll find other means of setting a hierarchy in the faction without having to resort to the flawed "voting" system the spartans seem to have adopted from the UN.
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              I see your PR department was not hit in the attack.
              Last edited by Modo44; December 13, 2005, 05:23.
              Seriously. Kung freaking fu.


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                Our turnplayer has been found and wasn't harmed at all.

                We scouted all tiles on our landmass to subvert the (few) deserted spartan troops who were too afraid to face certain dead in an attack on morgan bases. (As far as we can see) the whole spartan army is dead now.

                In other news : we are looking for a second (more attack-minded) CEO for the Morgan Homeland Security Defenses Inc., because the current one is a very skilled defensive one, but is too peacefull to mount a counter attack.

                Please send summaries and cover letters to me before the next turn if you want to apply for this position.
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                  To: All Spartan Commanders

                  We Morganites welcome the spartan visitors into our lands with open arms! Not as open(ly carried) as your arms of course, but then, we never felt the need to compensate for ourselves by carrying a big gun in our holster. We really are just that happy to see you.

                  But that's by the by. We'd recommend you visit Mount Buster. Last I heard, our geologists (doomsayers I call them) were predicting a cataclysmic explosion sometime soon. I think many of them mentioned the year 2200, so perhaps it's overdue? We've not had any major explosions in our territory since that time when one of our work experience girls accidently pressed the button marked "Do not press this button!" in 2105.

                  Also of note is the many retreats available to the up and coming young officer in the vast majority of our bases. We have many young men and women who would jump at the chance to serve them in any way they can desire. And from what I've been told, that is literally any way.

                  Anyway, we trust you will enjoy your stay, and look forward to many long hours sat around the board room table with you.

                  CEO Chaunk
                  Play hangman.


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                    guys, i understand how fun it is to spam,but cant you make it a little more credible than ''whole spartan army is dead now''??i mean,really.
                    if you want to stop terrorism; stop participating in it

                    ''Oh,Commissar,if we could put the potatoes in one pile,they would reach the foot of God''.But,replied the commissar,''This is the Soviet Union.There is no God''.''Thats all right'' said the worker,''There are no potatoes''


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                      Originally posted by Kataphraktoi
                      guys, i understand how fun it is to spam,but cant you make it a little more credible than ''whole spartan army is dead now''??i mean,really.
                      Read more carefully. They said they thought the Spartan army was dead. Obviously their intelligence department, unlike PR, was hit in the first attack.
                      Seriously. Kung freaking fu.


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                        Close. Actually PJay has become blind, as have the rest of his family. Hence, he really can't see any spartan soldiers. Or indeed, anything.

                        Also, there were few spartan soldiers who were afraid to attack morgan bases. Most of them couldn't wait to get stuck in.

                        Chaunk, CEO of HeSaidWhat???, Translating your PR for decades.
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                          To: All Morgan businessmen

                          We thankfully accept your warm welcome to your old homeland. As a token of our appreciation, we have captured 5 of your last 6 bases. The last one appears to be cursed, so our troops are unable to occupy it without the world coming to an end. We expect an unconditional surrender by 2201.

                          As you are well aware, we offer citizenship to former Morganites, with several added benifits. You should all consider this quite closely. You will receive unlimited access to Spartan military documents. Read about the planning that lies behind Golden Dawn, why it took place, what we expected to happen. Read the live turnchat and follow our reactions as it all took place. Relive such glorious moments as:

                          Snoddasmannen: dum dum dum dum di duum - dum di duum!
                          Did I underestimate the enemy?

                          Snoddasmannen: Oh it's their silly probe buggy?
                          Modo: But we will capture a total of 12, right?
                          Snoddasmannen: 17
                          Outrageous comments by senior officers:

                          Zeiter: But what have we got to lose? That unit's expendable anyways,
                          And there's more: Read all about the PTS raid! Here are some of the exciting lines from this chatlog:

                          Cap Vishniac: Holy s**t!
                          And why on earth did I say this?

                          Snoddasmannen: Well done Morgan
                          Maniac had a bright idea:

                          Maniac: there's of course gatling ;-)
                          Was Zeiter right?

                          Zeiter: It's against the rules, is it not?
                          And what happened here? Perhaps the biggest military slip-up in Spartan history?

                          Googlie: S**t!!
                          All this and more, if you join Sparta today. Click now!


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                            With this warm invite in mind, I've applied to join the Spartan Federation. As next turn will purely be destroying a base, I presume that's fine, but then I don't fully recall the rules regarding eliminated factions in ACDG3. Meh.
                            Play hangman.


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                              I'm interested in extending my fast-food chain into spartan territory, so I applied to join too. Maybe I'll have to add some spartan touches to the menu though, cause I heard our current menu has a bad reputation (causing overweight). Which is totally untrue ofcourse.
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