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The Centauri Inquirer: Issue 2

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  • The Centauri Inquirer: Issue 2

    The Centauri Inquirer: Issue 2, because Enquiring minds want to know, and the word 'Enquirer' has already been trademarked for use in a tabloid style paper.

    Efficiency is in!

    When relations between Morgan Industries and the Gaian Union warmed up, many business people have discovered the efficient industrial processes used by the Gaian Union and are eager to learn them to minimize energy lost from inefficiency, thus increasing profits.
    This newfound desire for efficiency has spread throughout many aspects of Morgan Life, from Xenochampagne recycling systems and its "second wave" , to automatic power saving equipment, to the "Mead-Choas" process that produces synthetic sealurk chips under the "Happy Sealurk" brand. Morganite Researchers hope to make enough progress to earn an ISO certified efficiency ranking of +1.

    Matt Berman denies takeover rumors of a sexy Pine! Braves Spartan missle cruisers to be with his love!

    Sexy actor, Matt Berman of "Daryl Trump" fame from the hit soap opera "Climbing the Ladder" is rumored to have set his eyes on "Deidre Pine", a model within the Gaian Union. The two met in filming "An introduction to Gaian Efficiency Measures". Sources say that it was when they went dancing amoung the White Pines that they realized their feelings for each other. He wowed her with expensive gifts and 300 carat diamonds. She loved her gifts but taught him that not everything in life was material... He had returned to Morgania to film "IPOs and a bankuptcy". He was thought be in Morgania, helping his agent. Apparently, his speed boat "Takeover Form 02379" was discovered missing, leading many to think he made a successful and daring rush past elements of the Spartan Navy in order to return to Gaian Territory.

    Intrepid Morganite photographers, reporting on an exciting efficiency process seminar had caught sight of the two by surprise, ending with a 10 kilometer speeder chase until the couple was lost!

    An intreped reporter for the Centauri Inquirer managed to capture some footage of the lovers, despite their security measures!!!

    "You shouldn't have come here! It's too dangerous! The Spartan navy would have captured or killed you if they caught you!" "To be with you, I would brave past 1000 spartan missle cruisers on open waters!"

    The pictures and further footage are availabe in the "exculsive" edition of the "Centauri Inquirer".