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    Mornington Crescent!

    Play hangman.


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      Unless there are new suggestions, I'll start a new base name poll with the following 24 suggestions:
      • Akiria
      • Recursive Nirvana
      • Network Junction
      • The Tower of Googlie (at top of mountain)
      • Yang's Yang
      • TheUoPSucks (captured UoP base)
      • Archaic Aftermath (captured UoP base)
      • Kaapstad (base on south tip)
      • Binary Bastion
      • Tassagrad (on slope below The Tower of Googlie)
      • Lemmington
      • Mornington Crescent
      • And Or Gate (on a canal site)
      • Impaler Input
      • Pride in Numbers
      • Temple of Tron
      • NodeRunner
      • Byte City
      • Borg Bastion
      • Cyborg Citadel
      • Silicon Valley
      • Mainframe Mines
      • Write-in
      • Xenobanana

      Oh yeah, I have a suggestion for a sea base name: Athena Anchorage. For the new members, who Athena is can be read in Digital Data Download (3D) - Issue 3.
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        I second DBTS's "Fire Wall" idea. That would be an excelent name for a base that is defensive in nature and between us and an enemy. Unfortunatly we havent got any base like that so lets put that on the back burner untill something comes along that fits well.

        Also I was wondering are base name poles linked to a specific location or are they independent of location. I would very much prefer they be location based as the "And Or Gate" name realy needs to be that canal base at 81/63 or the name losses half its meaning.

        This brings up another Point, if "And Or Gate" wins we have to name the water on western side the "And Bay" and the water to the east "Or Straits"
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