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    So, let's see what we can come up with:

    - It makes people resistant to it, thus making any benefits unsustainable.
    - It turns outstanding Talents into average Citizens.
    - It necessarily damages the nervous system of those subjected to it (see above point).

    Anything else to be added before I write up a full rebuttal?


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      I can't think of anything else right now.
      Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.


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        The Talent destruction seems to be the kicker. This strongly implies that nerve stapling destroys individual thought and initiative. We can probably base our argument around that.

        As for other arguments, the Hive believes in the self of the group, right? Nerve stapling can highly endanger the health of the group, by allowing other factions an excuse to come knocking on the Hive's Perimeter Defenses with Hovertanks. Repeated nerve stapling loses what meager benefits it once possessed as far as order and stability go, meaning the Hive is only putting off a drone problem. Does the Hive believe in foisting its problems on its children and grandchildren?
        Adam T. Gieseler


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          Ok, that should be enough to write up a decent argument... especially since we should probably post it up ASAP.


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            Should I make another post, given HongHu's arguments? They seem pretty specious... if "safety" does not encompass the safety of the mind, what does it encompass? The phjysical safety of the body? Without consciousness, the body is a vegetable.

            I can write up an argument along those lines, but I'd like to knowe if GT or CS, if he's still available, would like to post something.
            Adam T. Gieseler


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              *Cheers* Go debating!!
              That was quite fun even though I was busy at the time.