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  • Terraforming

    Per Googlie's suggestion putting up this thread for later use... I've got other stuff to get done this afternoon but later (if somebody doesn't beat me to it) a map would be helpful for around each of our bases as well as a general territory map for terraforming crawler places (crawlers are still far in our future, but if we have them prepared while bases are still growing that would be a great help.)

    (by JDM/Brownbeard) Since we can all edit each other's posts, I would suggest a list, like so:
    [email protected](x1,y1): Current orders: [email protected](x1,y1) --- Then [email protected](x1,y1)
    Suggestion by JDM: Build Road first @(x,y) as it will be cheaper
    [email protected](x2,y2): Current orders: [email protected](x2,y2) --- Then [email protected](x2,y2) --- Then [email protected](x2,y2)
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    Who mentioned maps?

    Is this good enough? I zoomed out as far as I could with resources still displayed so it wouldn't be -huge-
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      I think this sounds Ok as long as we remember the Stockpile bit.

      As we all know it is easy to plan a build schedule such as build RecCom. Laser, Energy but when you have (still have choice) to include 'Stockpile', at the end of each turn it can be very easy to forget/overlook that build plan for the base. So we need a easy method to access our earlier, current and revised decision.

      Ee Gads, that sounds like the RN.
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        Yer chart looks very good indeed, matey... I suggest this format.
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          Nice job on the sonar equipement, Captain Makahlua. Gives a nice wide view without bluring any information. Could you rebuild the sonar equipment in my ship so that I can get such a view?

          (I love RPing)
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