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Is Civ VI actually that bad, or are the mixed reviews on steam misleading?

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  • Is Civ VI actually that bad, or are the mixed reviews on steam misleading?

    I own Civ V and all the DLC, though I'm not very good or much of a hardcore player at all.

    Is Civ VI really that bad of a game homework meme, or is it just something disliked by the more hardcore community.

    If it is bad, why? Or why do people THINK it's bad?
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    It's DIFFERENT. I know I didn't like it at first what with the urban sprawl and whatnot with the district system but I've come to like it better than CivV.

    It was a shocking difference though, and you know how some folks just can't stand change.
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        Civ6's features and gameplay areawesome. Downside: I suspect it's extremely unbalanced with regards to certain civs/units/buildings etc but it doesn't matter because the AI plays about as well as a hamster.
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