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  • Civilization 6 Cruise Ship Lan

    My family and I are going on a cruise over winter break and we have a few days that don't stop at any ports so my family are planning trying to play some LAN games on the ship. Our current plan is to create a WiFi network with a portable wireless router, this network would have no external internet connection to it because of the high cost of WiFi at about $5 a minute. Currently we are planning on playing with a Macbook pro, Windows gaming laptop and Nintendo Switch. Currently we cant test this setup because the switch and the Portable router have not come in the mail yet. So some of the questions I have about this are Does the switch's LAN gaming work with PC, and does a LAN Need to have access to the outside network for things like querying usernames?

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    Did they finally add MP to the Switch version? I though it was single player only.

    Also, I know with CivV there's some problems with playing cross platforms (Mac to PC) due to version sync. Did they fix that for CivVI?
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