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Rejoice alert (a) works properly

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  • Rejoice alert (a) works properly

    I have never understood how firaxis makes a version better through updates, then when they make the next version they forget all changes. A good example is alert. In all previous versions you put a soldier on alert and he'd wake up if an enemy comes in range. This is a great feature. However in six they didn't include it at all so if you have auto turn on and your people fortified. The ai might get three or four free attacks. Then they added back alert two updates ago but it worked as fortify. This update they fixed it so an enemy wakes. You up. Why does firaxis hose the game play every new version. Let's compile a list of game play that worked and now doesnt

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    It's 'v' not 'a' for the key binding for Alert, btw.


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      Rejoice alert is update and in this update this company is fixed all the problems and now itís working awesome. Now easily complete my resume writing service australia project and donít waste of my time for problems solving.


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        Itís broken again with newest update the programmers suck