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    I have been a loyal Civ player since Civ I, and played every Civ game ever issued (including the SMAC timeline). I have to say that this version has been quite the disappointment. Although it does have some interesting concepts, there is a lot that I miss from earlier versions. I also want to add, I have never felt the need to post something - yet this version of Civ has prompted me to do so in hopes to help improve the game and the franchise.

    What I liked and enjoyed:
    - I really like the district concept. This is a really good twist to the strategic construction and resource management part of the game. To have to make choices between creating districts or developing land for the typical food/production/gold items is a great tension.
    - I also liked the revamp of the unit promotion system: this gives units much more ability to grow and expand their capabilities vs. previous games.
    - Finally, the increased number of wonders and their benefits add great diversity to the game.

    I am a bit neutral on builders. Their limited number of uses is intriguing - but their lack of road/railroad building is a huge miss.

    Things that I don't like at all:
    - Cities lack of production qeue's - what were you thinking??!!! This was key in managing a large and growing civilization!! This is probably the single and most critical item that would make me stop playing the game. Had I realized that this was the case, I would not have purchased the game. Please add this feature! Otherwise, it is an exercise in frustration!
    - I also feel that the diplomacy has taken major steps backwards. The emissary screens used to speak in native languages and have expressions that made things interesting (a la Civ 5). Not so here - they barely speak or show any emotion to the point that it begs the question: why are they even included in the game???!! There is also no "stop" demand feature - the enemy can roll over you and there is nothing you can do about it short of going to war.
    - Religion: I have no information on how my cities are doing on converting to one city vs. another as what Civ 5 showed. At least it allowed me to make choices. Now, it feels it is an all or nothing: cities are one religion or another - not in a transitional state of points among different religions. This makes it tough to address.
    - Road building - what??? Builders cant make roads???!! You are kidding me??!!! I liked the ability to control road making because it enabled me to control the defense of my civilization. Now, I can't do so and rely on traders for a good portion of the game.
    - It seems there are less number of technologies to research vs. previous makes it feel as if you reach the end point quicker. I liked the complexity of technologies.
    - Lack of information: this version of the game shares with you significantly less info than Civ 5 on how you are doing, how the empire is doing, how cities are doing - at leas the info (if exists) is very well hidden. Not good.

    Frankly, you should look at Civ 5 and learn from it. add some of those features and BUILD upon it with the good features you have thought up: Districts, Unit Promotion System, More Wonders. This will make the game much better.
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    Overall I agree, but I think they took too much from Civ 5. In my playthrough I encountered the same, sanity-defying carpet-of-doom mess that made Civ 5 so infuriating. And I think I've had enough of the city-state concept. The spearman versus tank thing lives on- I had a sub adjacent to the coast which was attacked and damaged by three enemy crossbow units. The sub was able to shoot back by firing torpedoes at the crossbowmen, while on the other hand a nearby destroyer lacked any ability to bombard. What the HELL?

    On the positive side, I do like the districts, and the archeology and culture angle. As far as the artwork, although others have criticized it, I like the colorful map (although I could do without the whimsically cartoonish leader characters in the diplomacy screens).

    I don't think I'll ever get the civilization game that I would like to see. Something with an epic, historic feel. Plague-infested towns, units suffering attrition when moving through jungles or arctic regions, large ancient armies clashing in huge, decisive battles. Long castle sieges, biological and chemical warfare, assassinations, third-world proxy wars, stubborn insurgencies, governments in exile....