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How I use my nukes

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  • How I use my nukes

    I have four nukes and 1 thermo. I can see them on top I want to nuke an ai. I can't seem to find any controls and the civilpedia is worthless Any advice how to make my enemies glow would be appreciated


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    You can drop them with bombers (IIRC, only Jet bombers), or launch them from nuclear subs, or missile cruisers. Any of those units, when selected, will show order icons resembling a cloud (mushroom?), when you have nuke heads in your arsenal, those icons will be enabled (disabled otherwise). Click on them (one for each conventional and thermos), and select target.
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      YOu can also build missile Silos as terrain improvements and send the nuclear warheads there, in order to fire them from those
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        Thanks guys


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          It is entirely possible that you may build nukes and yet lack any means to deliver them. Personally I prefer jet Bombers on air craft carriers which have an enormous range. Also good are nuclear subs which can reach most inland cities from the coast.

          Click on the WMD icon on any of those units (Bomber, Sub, Missle Cruiser) and if you have any in your inventory you will get a nice bright red launch arrow and a confirmation box asking to launch or 'stand down' Nukes are awesome weapons! They obliterate everything! Its glorious!

          I would like to see further tech up the tree things we used to have from Call2power like 'domed cities which significantly reduced the effectiveness of nukes at a cost to individual happiness of the city (apparently the hum of the force field made folks go crazy).


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            Originally posted by Proteus_MST View Post
            YOu can also build missile Silos as terrain improvements and send the nuclear warheads there, in order to fire them from those
            I didn't know that. I must say I never need to use my nukes, by the time I get there the game is already won. Sometimes I used them the first time I had them just to see the effects and the ones for the thermonuclear is really good. By the way I still think that that the effects nukes are still not well done. The effects always remain local while Nukes always have a global effect (even if it becomes smaller over the distance.) They should become like in reality a weapon of deterrence and mutual (assured) destruction...


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              orbital platforms for civ VII ??
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