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*Huge gameplay, worldwide video and review drop on Aug 3rd

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  • *Huge gameplay, worldwide video and review drop on Aug 3rd

    FilthyRobot confirmed that Wednesday, August 3rd at 10 AM EST is when the NDA lifts and he can release video content.

    - He has four hours worth of content (25 to 30Gigs), that he has from the event that hw is going to start releasing on Wed. It's not clear if he is going to release it all on that day or several days.

    - The 4 hour event was part of a worldwide series of events that are all due to be released on Wed... Singapore, Germany, Korea and others. Not only youtubers, but other Media reporting that is all part of this...

    - Filthy wanted to get a better feel for the game core and some comparision and contrast with Civ5, as well as Some restrictions on later game things that are still in the balance phases and will change before Oct, so he mostly focused on the early game.

    - He had three games/starts with three different civs, with 3 different strategies that he used his 4 hours to work the game good.

    - Due to an Airline screwup, Filthy was able to go to dinner with Quill18. Arumba, Joe Sullivan and another 2k PR guy. They talked Civ 5 and 6 for several hours and networking.

    - Filthy might have convinced Quill and Arumba to participate in a MP game, either before or after release.

    - Joe Sullivan did hint that there might be a MP event pre-release, which speaks to more MP support potentially. He is excited about the MP prospects for Civ6 that was not there in Civ5. 'Should be really, really cool'...

    - still awaiting answers back about questions about things that he is wanting to include in his footage...

    FilthyRobot discusses his trip here:

    We might want to put all links to these vid drops into this one thread... enough for everyone to dig up and post....
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    This has dropped, and Uno has already posted so much news and content that I'm not sure I'll have time to do all the things I need to at my own place today.

    Please, members and staff, look around and you can't miss Civ 6 stuff that needs posting here - or go to AC2 and steal our links, just give us a linkback, please. -I gotta go, and good luck.
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      Firaxis' gameplay from last night as Brasil.

      Quendelie axan!