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Links to other Fan Sites covering Civ VI

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  • Links to other Fan Sites covering Civ VI

    The Civ Community has a long tradition.
    There have been many Fan sites dedicated to Civ, or have covered it as part of their overall gaming coverage.
    Sure, there are the Corporate sites like Steam, 2K and others... but they are not really the community, and don't always allow a free flow of opinions, especially if you don't like the game

    While Forums overall have declined in the past years due to social media, they are still the basis of the Civ Community!

    This thread is for people to post links to other Civ Related Sites.

    Feel free to post a link to your Favorite Civ Community Site. Also, give us positive reasons why somebody should check it out and possibly join. Elaborate as much as you want.


    DO NOT TRASH OTHER SITES in your posts. (especially this one )
    It's OK to say some negative things about the Corporate Sites (I don't consider CFC a corporate site so lay off), but this thread is really about getting the links out there with proper descriptions of what the sites are about.

    Only use this threads for links and positive descriptions... not discussion.

    The Civ Community has a long tradition... Let's stick together and respect that tradition.

    Keep on Civin'
    RIP rah, Tony Bogey & Baron O

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    -AC2 has the most active Civilization 6 subforum of forums in our circle that don't have names beginning with a "C" - the only avatar production and requests thread I'm aware of anywhere, and we have Unorthodox on point with news, discussion and moderation that takes no nonsense but stomps on no fun. You can read and discuss, but our threads are not Instantly Long, so you can actually have a conversation without jumping through hoops.

    -And go up a level, and you're in the only SMACX forum active worth mentioning on the 'nets.

    ...Ming, nobody's posted a pitch for 'Poly in our Other Civ6 forums thread (I avatared you with an old-school B&W Charles Middleton Ming the other day, BTW). I do love this interforum peace and mutual support stuff...
    AC2- the most active SMAC(X) community on the web.
    JKStudio - Masks and other Art


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      There often are funny rifts on "civ jokes". I like the subreddit for enjoy talk about Civ, but typically get better gameplay information from Apolyton.

      Often people make civ jokes in the worldnews or other subreddits regarding an event that has a "civ quality to it". Those jokes can be funny too.
      Haven't been here for ages....


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        I would welcome everyone to get over to WPC and enjoy our small community. We might not be a big forum, but it's inhabited by gentlemen with an adult and friendly attitude towards each other.
        Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.-Isaiah 41:10
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        Also active on WePlayCiv.


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          AC2- the most active SMAC(X) community on the web.
          JKStudio - Masks and other Art