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More exciting, variety (additions) and a BALANCED game...

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  • More exciting, variety (additions) and a BALANCED game...

    Hi folks
    Recently I've been experimenting with some Mods. I found a combination of Mods (on Steam) that make the game absolutely balanced and exciting with a never ending amount of new buildings, wonders, promotions, etc.. Although the number of Mods seems excessive they all work great together and the results are amazing.

    "Advanced techtree" (V.7), "All promotions Description tool-tip (V. 13), "ASOIAF Wonder Pack (V.1), "Buildings'n Wonders + V2 (V.15), "Capture + (V.7), "La Moneda Palace Wonder (V.1), Promotions Pack(no DLL required) (V.3), Really Advanced Set-up (V.15), "Wallengrens Another Earth BNW (V.1)

    Really quite awesome actually

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    There are a number of good mods over at CFC though it is kind of a pain in the butt to get them to work with multiplayer. Frankly, mod support just wasn't a priority with the developer and you can tell because Civ 5 was not half as open to mods as Civ 4 was.

    Good modability and excellent multiplayer functionality is that kept Civ 4 's fan community going for so many years.
    Try for discussion and debate.