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Do you Ever Move Your First Settler?

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  • Do you Ever Move Your First Settler?

    An interesting article at Escapist Magazine about Civilization and some of the goings-on behind the scenes at Firaxis:

    "What?! Are you crazy?! You never do that! You fool!"

    People got a little crazy during a routine design meeting in the Firaxis Games offices, where the developers of Civilization V take strategy very seriously. A designer talking about his recent playthrough to a large group of his gathered colleagues casually mentioned he didn't like the starting position of his settler so he moved it that turn to look for greener pastures. The reaction was immediate. Half the designers in the room erupted in anger and disbelief - while the other half vehemently defended the move. They ditched what the meeting was supposed to be about, and instead argued for or against a specific move in the first turn of a Civ game. Clearly, this issue was very important. Sid Meier once said that all good games were a series of interesting decisions, and it's a testament to the power of Civilization that even the first decision could evoke such a strong reaction in the current Civ team at Firaxis.

    I have a lot of problems with the methods Firaxis tested this with. Turning off barbs, limiting AI expansion ... those are two critical factors for how big an impact waiting to found your first city will be.

    I myself like to move the other unit first, see if there's a good spot to move the Settler to in a couple of turns or less. A river hill is is hard to pass up moving to. The extra production from the hill will pay off the first move very quickly.

    How about you? In what circumstances do you feel moving the Settler is a good idea?