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  • No Forum/Category for Mobile Civilizations ?

    A question to all moderators :

    As there now are many mobile editions of Civilization (or clones thereof) why not make a forum category ?

    We all remember Redshifts Civ1 for ancient PDAs and the recent (2012) Civilization Mobile - which actually
    is Civilization 5 on VERY FEW phones (I'll get back to that subject later) - and further added this year :
    Civ-Rev on Windows phones !

    I think both CivFanatics AND Apolyton should renew and welcome old & new faces here with Mobile CIV !

    (End of my question and propaganda ...)


    I hope it's OK with everyone that I asked GameLoft a few questions concerning Civilization Mobile ???

    Here is my email and the responces will be published too :

    VIP : Civilization Mobile


    This letter and your responces will be published
    in both Apolyton Forum & CivFanatics Forum :-)

    I would REALLY like to play Civilization Mobile .

    But first a question about downloading the game . You write in FAQ the following :

    "Gameloft only supports downloading games over
    the mobile internet (WAP) and not any other method ..."

    As far as I know there is no real difference between a WAP-connection
    and a WIFI-connection so can You confirm that WIFI-download also is
    a download-possibility (and write it in FAQ ?) ?


    Regarding Civilization Mobile :

    A recent rumour on the internet says that the team
    (developing Civilization Mobile) actually developed
    a port for Android and perhaps IOS too ?

    And the rumour says also that this port - for Android -
    still is in Yours/the teams possession ...?

    If so do You need permission from Sid Meier or Fireaxis/2Kgames
    to release it for Android (and perhaps IOS) and make a big fortune ?


    This request is getting longer than I expected and I just want to play
    Your mobile edition of Civilization sooo bad that I'LL BUY ONE OF

    BUT ... Which one shall I buy ?

    It would be fantastic if You could point out the 10 phones with the largest resolution,
    the largest screen and most powerfull CPU (as well as RAM) to play Civilization Mobile .

    I am sure this is a whole lot easier for You than for customers, right ? SO PLEASE :

    Can You help me and others because there seems to be a lot of phones on Your list ...
    Though none of the modern smartphones ?!?!

    I look forward to buy & play it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kind greetings

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    Take a load of Fanny, take a load for free,
    Ahhh, You put the load right on me !
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    If anyone can update it, it would be helpful


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      Originally posted by lourencohen View Post
      If anyone can update it, it would be helpful
      Sorry Everyone, I did get a very late response
      from Gameloft and I'll bring it here later,
      when I'm at my main PC, but it wasn't helpfull .
      Take a load of Fanny, take a load for free,
      Ahhh, You put the load right on me !
      The Band