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The long tale of Ramessess II and his sons.

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  • The long tale of Ramessess II and his sons.

    Ramessess II began his rule in the year 4000BCof the grand empire of Egypt that WOULD stand the test of time and be passed a long the royal Ramessess bloodline for the next 6000 years.

    The great city of Thebes, the capital of this great civilization had settled down on a hill near abundant strategic resources and luxuries, and trained it's first group of warriors to survey the surrounding lands.
    The year is 3800BC and Thebes has grown into a bustling capital that has discovered many neighbors - the location we have settled on seems to be very densly populated by many groups,we have discovered 4 city states and 3 civilizations- currently we meet our neighboring civilizations peacefully and offer them each 8 gold for nothing in return, and fend of barbarians from the city states in our area.
    It is now 2500 BC and Thebes has discovered mining, trapping and the construction of wonders. The first Wonder of the world is in progress, the Great Pyramids. To speed the production Ramessess the great orders his workers to chop nearby forests for a quick supply of production to finish the worlds first wonder. The Ottomans are busy being warmongering menaces to everyone, declaring war on all they have met, except Ramessess and actually capturing a city state.

    The year is now 800 BC and the great egyptian empire has had research agreements active with three civilizations for the past 1500 years, and in addition to keeping research agreements up and running we have constructed another 5 Wonders in addition to the Pyramids. We are protected by the great wall and gifted bonuses so great from Wonders such as Angkor Wat that the entire empire feels invisible, and manages to keep the Ottomans away from all other civilizations and city states by declaring war on them and making all the other civs declare peace.
    The year is 100AD and the Ottomans continue to come to our great wall just to be decimated by our war chariots and crossbow men. For the past 200 years the Ottomans have attempted to make peace with the Egyptians but they do not offer fair trades for peace (I do want to say the deals these AIs offer are absolute garbage lol, 1600 gold silk, silver, fur, ivory, dyes, iron for 30 turns for a treaty - no thanks, I'll just keep killing your units and gaining xp!!) Aside from all the fighting me and the Ottomans do, other civilizations favor me as friendly because of my great diplomats and research agreements our scientists establish. Ramessess is slightly nervous though, he has noticed the Iroquois have stopped offering the research agreements and is now demanding gold with some SOB story, no worry though - Germany was happy to replace them for research agreements.

    The year is 200AD and Ramessess has decided it is time to Settle a new city just to the SSW of Thebes, nestled in the mountains with tons of silver, incense, and an oasis to found the city. Nothing like protection from the mountains and resources to trade! The founding of the city is going excellent and Thebes has not had an Ottoman attack on their great wall for about 75 years.
    280AD word spreads through the land that an unmet civilization has lost their capital to another unmet civilization. The land still has not been surveyed to much but from what is seen, there is not much coast line or ocean here which leads Ramessess to believe that he will need to begin preparing defenses for a potential war, He decides he will keep 2 crossbowmen and 1 war chariot garrisoned in each of the cities of this empire.

    That is where I am in the game at the moment, if I get time I will update it haha.

    I do want to say that this is on Prince difficulty, with a 12 player, 28 city-state map and a Pangea with low water level.

    I have tried doing 6, 8 and 4 player maps but I just like it way more with all the cities on the map, makes the game alot harder and tricky when interacting with the AI's - one wrong move, you at least as a player will be hated by every one .

    So far though I am loving the game, and yes I post on other civ 5 forums because I am a nerd and have nothing to do while waiting at work.

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    Around turn 265 the game actually became very interesting and a lot more fun. I was very right on making this a packed Pangea with a low water level because not only am I needing to be diplomatic to my neighbors and make sure I keep them friendly, but I also am having to exercise my military strategizing.

    The Ottomans, one of my neighbors that is at war with everyone happened to be caught by a war chariot sending a crap load of pikeman and archers to my second city I settled in the mountains.
    I stationed him on a hill there and shot them as they came by, strangely enough they did not attack him, and let him damage units for 4 turns, at which point they killed him and began surrounding the city with the pikeman - just out of my sight.
    I began to panic and sent all my units from the capitol except a crossbowman to the second city, via the road the was only partially complete and also sacrificed a great general for a citadel in front of the city that was about to be attacked and stationed a crossbowman there.
    A turn passed and more units appeared where my chariot was stationed (I was going to intercept what ever reinforcements they send in with my longsword and a crossbowman along with a great general.) So I went ahead, wiped them out, and camped their entry point in that valley - No more reinforcements and in the same turn i walked in range of his surrounding units and began to fire.
    The next turn passes and he has the audacity to offer a peace treaty for nothing on his side but all of my everything haha.. REFUSED, sir. And he proceeds to attack my crossbowman for a measly 6 damage and his other pikeman could not even reach him - absolutely pathetic.
    My next turn all of his pikeman are dead and my city is safe. I garrison a crossbowman and set off to invade his cities, at the same time America declares war on the Ottomans and make a declaration of friendship and trade me open borders. To me I am super proud I actually managed to get an AI Civilization to back me up - although I did not need it so much, it would greatly help me avoid losing tons of units in a few turns.

    Ottoman turn passes and no units come into sight. Now during America turn I began to see military units slide up through the other valley near my second city.
    My turn comes around and I notice that the Ottoman snake has two settlers guarded by one pikeman each heading for the first valley before my second city but I am still out of range. In the mean time I am also beginning to construct a road from my finished first trade route towards the Ottoman empire because I DO plan on capturing all of his cities.
    The Ottomans turn comes and he makes a dash with both settlers and pikeman- no other units in boundWashington's turn comes and now I have 7 of his military units passing my second city heading for the road I am constructing to the Ottoman empire.
    My turn roles around and I have got 3 crossbowman and 2 longsword on it, only 1 crossbowman and a longsword can hit a pikeman/settler group so I managed to remove one but there was still the second one there.
    The Ottoman turn comes and he settles a new city! and proceeds to attack with the Pikeman, ultimately his downfall of the new city he had just founded.
    Two turns pass, and no Ottoman reinforcements are in sight and Washington is really getting it in, the road is almost complete to the Ottomans newest settled city and it only has one hit left before it is mine. I leave my highest health longsword and procede to move my additional units to the strip of cities he has acquired/Settled.
    The Ottomans turn comes and he offers another outrageous peace offering that I must refuse! Still now only one unit in sight.Washingtons turn comes and it apparent he is going straight for the capital so I went towards the cities south of his capital, because I want good terms with WAshington and there is only one city north of the capital and three south of it.
    My turn comes around and I snatch up the newly settled city and set it up so in two moves I can launch an offensive on another Ottoman city.
    Ottomans turn comes and he offers a peace treaty on both sides and that is it. Well Sir!!! I am going to take your cities so I would rather expand my empire rather than be nice to the biggest warmonger in the world!WAshington is one turn away from initiating an assault on the Ottoman capitol.
    Skip a turn and now I have initiated the attack on the first of three cities and get it down to 3/5 health, and also continuing to construct a road towards these cities, I end my turn.
    Ottomans turn comes up and he finally offers some thing I can accept for peace -gladly. So he offers peace on both sides and all five additional cities he has along with all his gold and resources + gold per turn. Now this I cannot turn down especially because WAshington is just a turn, maybe two from taking his capitol.Washington's turn comes and Ottoman falls, the capitol is captured and they are no longer in existence.
    My next turn comes and I have a pleasant surprise as the road gets finished and gets connected to the road the Ottomans created between their cities making an excellent amount of trade routes.

    Further exploring and developing the tiles around these cities, I managed to find a body of what quite large with an island in sight, I bought two ships from the two Ottoman cities that were on the coast and discovered a tiny island inhabited by three barbarian encampments and the Natural Wonder Mount Fuji. I settled my own city there and now have a small post to make sure I have sight before the main land, along with a couple fortress' stationed by crossbowmen.
    Currently I am working on an army to attack the French, who I am sure the Romans will help me eliminate due to our close standings through research agreements and the occasional open border agreement.

    Currently it is 1800AD

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      The next few turns, spanned about 46 years and during this time I have managed to traverse the sea and travel around the land to discover the Chinese and 4 city states + a Natural Wonder. I also began to plummet in gold income because of all the building construction and units I was pooping out (I went from 160/turn to -12/turn in just 10 years). I realized the war with the French would have to wait especially since I did not even know the location of their capitol and we obviously have layers of civs in between us so I decided to gift many riflemen and old crossbowmen to the buddapest city state and delete some workers, and also cancel all building construction that required maintenance to have. Now my income is back to 65/turn and just science/upgrading current units and expanding my borders/resources/income/growth.

      Did not have as much time to play last night clearly since this is all that happened during my turn.
      Just because I am bored I will also explain Washington and the Iroquois turns.
      Washington had declared war on Iroquois and Asked for open borders because I totally separate their empires.
      Now just to screw the Iroquois I went ahead and said he could not have open borders but instead did a research agreement and then on his turn he declared friendship with me.
      To this moment I am still proud of my diplomacy in this game on Prince with 12 AI empires and 28 city states because I am friendly standing with every one except Napoleon and to be honest I have not a clue why he has been at war with me since the beginning but he has been :\, and every 5 or so turns he offers peace just the same way the Ottomans did - little does he know what that eventually will lead to .

      Tonight I plan on settling two new cities, one in between my capital and my second and third cities to get the rest of the resources I upgraded worked (I did not realize in my previous games you could only work three tiles around a city - that is kind of lame, especially since I sacrificed a great engineer on two gold deposits before I realized it. This city I settle will have a ridiculous amount of production ha.
      The second city I am going to settle on the other side of the map next to that natural wonder and just protect that island city with a fleet of ships to serve as the protection when I get more gold income/turn.
      After that city is established I will slowly settle on that side of the map also at the pace my income, ect grows.

      As always I work friday-tuesday so I'll be posting another wordy one tomarrow!


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        So my plan to settle down by the natural wonder did not work out, and its a good thing it hadnt because I found an even sweeter spot with a bunch of random islands and small land masses rich in oil, coal and also containing the barrier reef.
        The year where i have stopped playing is 1925 and I have just began to Settle that area of small islands by getting a settler there to begin another island city which will be the spawning point of two more settlers to claim this corner of resource rich islands!
        Managed to also send another Settler to a small island just off the border of the Ottomans old capital for two whales an oil and a coal mine.

        Now the primary reason I was unable to settle the initial island I was planning on taking is because the French were suddenly just crawling ALL OVER - 7 embarked units and 3 ships that did not know how to defend (I had one Frigate with 3 health in the area)
        All of these troops were going to Iroquois land but I managed to eat up 5 of the embarked units while only getting shot by 1 of the boats - horrible defense on Napoleons part (barbarians strategerize better)
        Germany has officially replaced the Ottomans as the Warmongering bloodthirsty civilization being hated by every one and getting denounced every turn - eventually lost his capitol to the french, who also had taken Washington's original capital which got relocated to the Ottoman capital I let him have, and I also traded the city north of him to the Arabians.
        The current Alliances on the map are as is: Me, China, Russia, Rome, India, Arabia, Iroquois | France

        Now I am planning on launching an assault on France's american puppet cities which I found while exploring the water south of the main land. After I take these cities, except the one on the coast I plan on returning them to Washington, I am wondering though.. Is this a bad idea? Should I just keep them?

        I am guessing by the time the game hits 1975-1990AD war will begin like crazy.
        It's not that I did not play too long last night it's just there was not necessarily any real action other than me just further establishing my cities and scouting around the main land.
        I have managed to able to sustain an army and continue building construction while pulling in 200g+/turn and maintaining minimum happiness of 15.
        Full in Tradition, Honor, and working on Freedom.. Need to adopt four more branches to finish Freedom.
        If any one has read this far I would also like to know if it is possible to view other civilizations policy status and economic/military power?


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          Let me just say that my game plan did not go as I thought it would lol.
          So I was walking through the Iroquois land and then that bastard declared war on me and sent his units my way when at the same time Napoleon was sending a huge army for his capitol.
          I went ahead and snatched up all three of Iroquois city in three turns which resulted in me having to kill 8 of Napoleons units which led a huge battle between us, and also allowed me to realize that Napoleons empire was F**KING huge!
          On top of all of that he had just finished the Manhattan Project and had 9 Uranium
          I managed to reinforce the new border extension from Iroquois and now am working on snatching Napoleons cities which is going excellent but I am losing tons of units and just barely advancing.

          I actually took two of his cities in a turn and in two turns he took them back and then I took them back + 2 off the coast thanks to my destroyers bombarding their cities in 3 more turns, after I obtained these four cities his units were wane- mine were also and I notice he has an anti tank gun near my second settled city.
          I went ahead and destroyed it and tried to do an open borders trade with Rome - which he declined, and then on his turn proceeded to demand oil and coal, which I declined.
          Now he is still friendly but with the Iroquois we were friendly with an active research agreement when he attacked me so I am getting a good feeling that Rome is going to get involved soon, and I am not sure if I should go ahead and keep taking Napoleons cities or if I should stop meddling and grow my forces back up..
          Now here is the thing, Napoleon has a s**t load of policies in place, he has three trees with all 5, two trees with 3 and one tree with 2.
          Rome is tied in policies with me having three trees with 5
          I got a feeling this game wont end with me being the victor


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            THE central figure of Egyptian history has always been, probably always will be, Rameses the Second. He holds this place partly by right, partly by accident. He was born to greatness ; he achieved greatness ; and he had borrowed greatness thrust upon him. It was his singular destiny not only to be made a posthumous usurper of glory, but to be forgotten by his own name and remembered in a variety of aliases. As Sesoosis, as Osymandias, as Sesostris, he became credited in course of time with all the deeds of all the heroes of the new Empire, beginning with Thothmes III, who preceded him by 300 years, and ending with Sheshonk, the captor of Jerusalem, who lived four centuries after him.
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