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Is there a way to peacefully get rid of an AI Great Prophet?

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  • Is there a way to peacefully get rid of an AI Great Prophet?

    An AI sends in a Great Prophet and there doesn't seems to be a way to get rid of it short of declaring war.

    Archipelago map, King. I have a religion which is firmly entrenched in all four of my cities and a couple of nearby city states so its not as if my religion will be suppressed but a Russian Great Prophet has been wandering around for about 30 turns. Between shuffling an inquisitor between my cities and blocking with units it has not been able to convert any of my cities but just won't get the message and go harass someone else. I'm getting fed up with this pointless activity (unless you believe the AI is programmed to annoy the human )

    I notice that the AI can and does ask me not to convert its cities when I do convert one but I don't seem to be able to find an option for a diplomatic request that I can ask the AI the same - am I missing something, did the game designers miss something or did they decide the human didn't need that option?

    I refused to renew open borders but Great Prophets ignore not having open borders anyway so it's still there.

    In previous games I have simply declared war and killed the pest. If I have to do that and screw up diplomatic relations with Catherine I will but surely there is another way?
    Never give an AI an even break.

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    I have not found away. Another good question on the subject is what can you do with a captured missionary or great prophet that has already converted a city (No faith building now allowed). I hate wasting them by destroying them. If the game allows you to capture them, you should be able to do something constructive with them.



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      Regrettably I don't think there is any way of getting rid of a Great Prophet short of declaring war and capturing or killing them.

      Capturing is useless if they have already carried out at least one conversion - nothing to do but disband them. I did capture one virgin Great Prophet and build a holy site but they are usually part used and worthless.

      What I would like would be if you could use an inquisitor to neutralise a Great Prophet - at the cost of the inquisitor - so both units are used up/destroyed. It would be worthwhile even if the Great Prophet's civ got a martyrdom bonus - say a boost to the conversion pressure from cities of the Great Prophet's religion for 20 turns.

      Maybe even take that a stage further and give an inquisitor a chance of converting a captured Great Prophet to your own religion so it is actually of some use?
      Never give an AI an even break.