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  • Unit Cheating..

    I was trying to use some cheats (rest asured I played many a game without them, but sometimes you just want to fix something without having to repeat yourself)

    I used THIS cheatpage :

    And I tested many cheats from them.. some my pc refused to download, due virus?
    others he did but did not work.

    The DX+17 did work.. but..

    I managed to get all the CNTR+something cheats to work..
    but NONE of the ALT+ something cheats.

    May be me.. but what could be wrong? it seems strange that only the alt ones do not work..

    Thats expecially sad since some of the more important ones use alt combo.

    Two of the cheats I am looking mostly for are :
    -One that boost xp (spending 50 turns next to a city state just is not worth repeating... however I do like my land units to have both the "fire 2 shots per turn" and the "heal every turn even when performing an action" improvement, and my sea units the vital "heal outsite terretory and attack multiple times" That needs 150 xp, and with the perfect wonders buildings and Social Politics, the game only lets you get 75xp (a mod that doubles that would do the trick too, would be fair since than the computer would have that effect too)
    -One that boost unit movement (I like to build multiple units with the morale improvement in a limited time (since tech progreses WAY to fast when ones having a mere 40 or so city's as I use to do) and being able to drag a unit out of a city as soon as it is bought so I can buy one more, helps to that end.

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    Even Nigerians know ICS dominates in Civ 5


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      Nigereans? may I ask what they have to do with my question, I am (not surprisingly) Dutch, and the link I gave is a common used cheatforum from Hungary (I know I cant read Hungarian either but they make some pretty sweet cheats)

      and secondly I have no clue what ICS stands for, Wiki nor Google helps me there.


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        That's what they all say.


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          No they say it in wrong (google translate style) English, and they always start some story about you having inherrited that dictators fortune, or some other scam why you should send them money.

          But enough trolling Wiglaf, you had your laugh, now I'd like a serous answer : how to hack units exp, without having to do it 1 unit at a time (because that I can do with cheatengine) but that method is to lenghty to me, theire must be a way to just add say 1000 exp to a unit, with a simple key combo as this cheat should do, should it work on that issue too, that it sadly, does not do.

          it does add gold, rushes the build of wonders, units and building, boosts science, golden age progress, science progress though, as said all CTRL+(number) options work splended.


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            I agree on the issue you present there, that one should never cheat to mask lack of skill.
            And rest asured I played lots of rounds wihout cheating.

            However you must know why I wanted to cheat : to TEST things that normally would take ages to test, and thus better your non-cheating gameplay.
            Things I found out that way :
            *how much turns DOES that one building get off your progress, what is the optimal building order.
            *how steep does unit experience go up? (what are the steps) and what is a good order to pick your promotions.
            *What are the best unit upgrades so I found out about these usefull things :
            *when upgrading to rifleman, crossbowman, musketman and longswordman don't take any bonus with them, but pikeman does take it's +100 against mounted with it, and it will keep it all the way to mech inf.
            *Only exception to this is a xbowman with 2 upgrades (Accuracy/Barrage 1, Volley) this because Volley is the only upgrade in the archers range that is not accesable in riflemans or any later ugrades) and the ability of +25% attack against fortified units is rather handy, the price of 2 upgrades is kinda steep for it though..but it is a valid alternative)
            *When upgrading lancers to anti tank guns, they keep their abiliy to move after attacking, new build anti tank guns do NOT have that ability, so it is best to build lancers when you can and upgrade rather than skip them as you normal do.
            *The +2 range of caravels does not stay when they are upgraded to destroyers, upgrades frigattes, caravel and newbuild destroyers are identical, so save yourself the trouble of building carravels hopingto keep that +2 range you will not keep it.
            *Upgrading the Siam Unique Unit : Naresuan''s Elephant to a Calvery let it keep it's +50 against mounted, since calvery have a WEAKNESS against mounted, that cancels that out, making that calvery all the more powerfull!, and it does stick all the way to modern armor.

            *when you happen to go with an scout in a ruin and it is upgraded to an archer that archer keeps the scouts abity to explore fast.
            leading to a SUPERB unit.
            ================================================== ========================================

            *It does not matter whether you buy a tile next to a neighbour or just expand your borders naturally due culture, it is both seen as covething their lands.
            *don't buy to much land the cost goes quite steep up for each next tile you buy, so only buy border tiles you would otherwise not get.
            *settle near city states early, so you can most land around them.

            furthermore :
            *settling near rivers proved a lot more effective than I presumed, as well does flat land.. this will lead me to better pick spots for my city's.
            *City states WILL give you khans even when you are not mongolia sometimes, that will really boost your army.

            One thing that ruins every game for me is this :
            I like to rule the world, simply own all land in the world all with MY city's.
            thats ALWAYS how I played civ, expand expand..
            In this civ however that is punished on 2 ways :
            -my tech goes insanely quick due large populaton, not fun to skip the entire industrial age in a mere 20 turns.. gives you hardly time to build units and play with them. Before you have them at the enemy's border they are already outdated.. that should be nerved.
            -social policy's goes up TO quick when you are big I understand that it is part of the game but really 200k for ONE policy?? that too should be nerved the penalty of lots of city's should be lower.
            -when one disabled social victory, social policy's should be cheaper, so it would be possible to get 7 branches full, this is currently not the case sadly.

            The ability to test a couple of mods quickly to see if they did what I wanted, helped too.


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              I dont think so


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                You might be better off saving a lot and reverting if you make mistakes, or possibly downloading mods that have the affects you seek rather than use cheats.
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