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The AI made me Win

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  • The AI made me Win

    This was so goofy, I had to share it. I was playing a small game, 3 AIs and Me. I had already destroyed one AI and took the capital from the second. Getting my troops on the thirds border and the finished screen comes up. I thought, we're too early in the game for space ship, UN, or cultural win, so what happened. I checked the Hall of Fame and found that I won a conquest win. I think the AI that I had just defeated must of taken the remaining AIs capital, making me the only one with my capital and the winner through no action of my own.

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    The AI needs to focus more on regaining its own capital before conquering other nations' capitals, I think.
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      Yeah, I had that happen once. I think that in this case you should then be required to take their current capital.
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        not really, if you think about it the ai was only wrong for not considering the victory conditions before making the attack, and thus triggering a win for the player. a mistake i dont condisider too bad since most players would do same (lets face it, had i been the player the AI was i would have quit that game if i lost my capital)

        since the other last capital was successfully attacked and taken then we should say well done AI.


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          If a player looses the starting capital, it sometimes is better to continue an attack else where to gain something needed to help gain back the starting capital. It is pointless to put everything into regaining the starting capital, if doing so sets you too far back to continue. If I loose my capital, I will be looking at regaining it in a way that will help in the long term. If it looks like someone else may take the last opposing starting capital, then I balence the loss of the game by starting capital against the loss of the game by giving up other advantages to regain my own.

          Without seeing the larger situation, I wouldn't want to fault the computer player for not pushing to get his starting capital back.