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A trade route question

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  • A trade route question

    What should happen when I have a trade route between two cities and another civilization, with which I have an open border agreement, puts a city in between the route?

    In my case the trade route broke and I can't get it to work even after renewing the open border agreement.

    I also once had a trade route break after I built a harbor when it was already connected via road with the capital. In this case however the trade route came back to life the next turn.

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    Any time a harbor is built, it seems to toggle the trade route notice. If you check the city icon or F2 trade route listing, you'll see the notice was untrue.

    I believe trade routes through open borders worked before, but it didn't seem to in my last .141 game. No trade route icon, cities not listed in F2 trade routes; even after open borders were closed and re-opened. I suppose we'll have to go without (or take the offending cities blocking the route).