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Jon Shafer leaves Firaxis

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  • Jon Shafer leaves Firaxis

    Jon Shafer, Lead Designer of Civilization V has left Firaxis. Jon joined Firaxis in 2005 after being a Civ Fan and Civ Modder before. Jon has always been a respected member of Apolyton where he was involved among many other things in Civ3 demogames. Jon Shafer worked on Civilization IV, when Soren Johnsen was the lead designer. For Civilization V Shafer became the lead himself.

    According to the Escapist Jon left Firaxis himself and was not let go by the company. "It appears that the departure is amicable to both sides as Shafer made sure to say that he left willingly and was not fired or pushed out."
    Jon Shafer's response is quoted on Flash of Steel saying: "I very much enjoyed my time Firaxis, worked on many projects that I’ve very proud of and got to know a lot of amazing people. I’m appreciative of the opportunities provided by Firaxis and 2K, and hope to see (and play) more great games from them in the future."
    Firaxis games comment on this same website: "We are grateful for Jon’s contributions to Firaxis and the Civilization franchise and wish him all the best in the future."

    It is unknown what the future for the still young developer holds. Neither is it known what the impact will be on Civilization V and future patches or DLC. Apolyton hopes that Jon will not be lost for the Civ community! We wish you all the best for the rest of your career Jon!!

    Discuss Jon's departure from Firaxis in our forums

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