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Custom maps and multiplayer -- is it possible?

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  • Custom maps and multiplayer -- is it possible?

    Can anyone tell me definitively whether or not it is possible to use a custom map in multiplayer play? I can load my creations in single player by selecting them in the Map menu of Advanced Setup but I do not get those options when hosting a multiplayer game.

    Perhaps it's just a matter of copying the map file to a particular directory?

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    I am not sure about maps, but you can get mods to work in multiplayer as long as both players have the exact same core files altered in the exact same ways.

    It could be as easy as dropping the map in the right folder, or you may have to tell the game(somehow) to look for the map(on all computers).


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      I've given up on trying to make anything for now after spending too long on a scenario and finding that it changed my map and removed all of the cities and units I placed. I thought Civ 5 was supposed to be a modder's paradise! I'm sure there's some way to do it but it seems like the only people that will be able to do this must know a good deal more about modding than I do. (I've only been doing it in every version since Civ 2.)

      More recently, however, I experienced another frustration that fits this thread. I purchased the scenarios and DLCs and thought that the 1066 scenario would be a good one to play with my brother. Want to take a guess what happened? I could find absolutely no way to load the scenario in the multiplayer setup. Can anyone give me a proper and logical explanation for why an official scenario (purchases through Steam) will not work on the multiplayer servers (also run by Steam). If there is a good reason for this, it would seem appropriate to me that the scenario descriptions forewarn you that they are for single player use only. Fortunately, my brother did not purchase the scenarios yet by the time that the multiplayer issue appeared.

      Oh yeah -- the new map pack also seems great... but guess what. That's right -- you can't use them in multiplayer either. I like single player games as much as the next guy but I just don't understand why so many of the things you can do there will not work in the multiplayer environment (workers not waking up when an enemy appears nearby, units on go forfeiting their remaining movement points, etc.).

      If I am mistaken about any of this, please set me straight.
      "Accept this deal or pay the consequences!"


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        This kind fellow seemed to have figured it out:

        as this is my first post, I'm not allowed to post a link. forgive it's parsed form bellow. Just remove the extra spaces.

        http colon slash slash steamcommunity [DOT COM] /app/8930/discussions/0/828935361271238590/

        I followed those instructions and custom map files that I downloaded appeared as options on internet multiplayer. I haven't actually tried to play a game on them yet, but at least they're there now...

        I'm using a Steam version on a Mac, just BTW.



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          In another thread, Heath posted about how to see your map WITH your scenario... you have to go through MODS to single player there... I suppose there is multiplayer there too if you set it up that way. I will have to check out the link above when I get through my current "tasking"...


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            Long Prom Dresses

            I have the knowledge about map..but not i want something different.