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Can't Wake B-17s From Sleep?

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  • Can't Wake B-17s From Sleep?

    Put some B-17 bombers to sleep in a couple of cities and they just disappeared. See them in the Military listing, but can't click on them from there, or anything. Finally just bought a couple more and didn't put them to sleep; hit "do nothing" every turn. Anyone else see this?

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    There's a number at the top of the label above your city; I think it's the number of aircraft currently based there. Click that number, and it'll bring up a list of aircraft. Then click on the aircraft you want to give an order to.
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      Originally posted by 23 Skidoo View Post
      See them in the Military listing, but can't click on them from there, or anything.
      I ran into this myself. The little number thing works, but you should be able to double-click them from the list you're talking about. That always worked for me.
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        Thanks! Will give that a try now.


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          Yeah... that was one of my first questions... the little number or the unit list works
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            Clicking on a unit in the Unit List (F3) never selects the unit I clicked. Always some OTHER unit, like the F3 is totally nonfunctional other than just a list. Can anyone give me a clue (or better ), please?