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  • Mountains

    On my Great Plains Huge Map, I notice several areas that appear (Im a little tired but from memory) OVER burdened with Mountains.

    Now, I dont think I can work them even though in real life you should be able to do something, mine or maybe work forests?

    I would like to see where it would be possible to work these terrain behemoths.

    Please forgive if not in correct area but have allways felt this was a MAJOR imbalance if you get caught there.

    I dont have a huge hairball about things like Tanks not being able to cross mountains but we should be able to have something like a cartpath, maybe footsoldiers only allowed to cross them, Artillery would be very difficult but should be allowed since its an old trick to put artillery of reverse side of a mountain to get added trejectory on rounds, heck, even in Korea, Tanks that couldnt be used through the mountains would climb up and use barrels as artillery which proved a very great military strategy!

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    For sure they could be utilized to some degree without taking away from the unique Carthaginian abilities. It does allow artilary to fire over mountains, but the feather looking vet point that used to allow any unit to do so has now been modified so archers can not fire over mountains. I miss it!! But do not object to it.

    Also how can we build frigates before the advent of gunpowder....not meaning to be a Nitpicker, but why?
    I mean does anyone know of a country who built the ships in hopes that one day they may devise something to fire projectiles off the sub decks with? heh heh
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