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Procylon's Civilization 5: Call to Power Project

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  • Procylon's Civilization 5: Call to Power Project

    Current Live Version: V8

    Ready for Alpha Test. You should see it on the ModHub, just put Proc into the search bar.

    The below link is an alternate download to the in game modhub. Put this file in your Documents/MyGames/CIV5/MODS folder and then click the install button in game.

    If that doesn't work, you may need to try an alternate install method:

    Originally posted by FiresForever
    Download the mod browse on over to My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\ folder and paste it here then take that .civ5mod and rename it to a .7z file. Download the program 7-zip install it then use it to extract the mod file. So you have a folder structure as follows My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\. Load up civ and it should be there to select

    Current goal for Alpha Testers is balancing and bug finding.

    Content is being added at a high rate.

    Special Thanks:
    FiresForever for the multiple tech pages mod.
    FiresForever for the multiple social pages mod.
    DeepBlue for the resource generator mod.
    DrBalthar for the wonder splash images.
    Feuteupool for 250+ icons and unit flags.
    knatte_Anka for unit flags.
    Sneaks for the graphical fix for the base 5 tile yields, as well as the graphical fix for the Fishing Boats.
    Kael, Dale, and other community members who have provided insight and knowledge into Civ 5 Modding.

    Current Test Version: V9
    V9 Link:

    DLC Fix: (Only for Inca/Polynesia DLC's. Enable AFTER CtP Mod.)

    Possible Crash Wall Fixes:
    3 Zoom in close on the map before the Crash Wall is experienced.

    V9 Change Log:
    1 New Resource System! All resources, including the 27 Vanilla resources, now spawn on the map using Deep Blue's Resource Generator Mod. As far as gameplay and balance goes, placement is completely randomized. Also, all resources are now strategic and come in quantity. For normal resources this is 1 or 2. For classically strategic resources such as Iron/Copper/etc, they come in their standard 3-6 quantities.
    2 You now have more control over resource abundance! Replaced the old advanced setup resource options with: Low, Standard, High, Very High, and Legendary. If you choose low, you will see very few resources. If you choose Legendary, it will be wall to wall(Warning: graphics hog).
    3 13 New resources: Crab, Rice, Corn, Soybean, Cocoa, Tea, Copper, Alligator, Poppy, Tobacco, Coffee, Titanium, and Rare Earths.
    4 New Trade Monopoly System! With the addition of 17 technologies(Economic Page) and 200 buildings(5 per resource), resources will be more important than ever!
    -Each resource now has a line of buildings: Small, Medium, Large, Huge, and Monopoly.
    -Each building requires the smaller version that came before it in the city.
    -Each building requires 1 of it's resource, and provides 1-2 bonuses to it's city of origin(10% to a Yield or 1 happiness and 5%).
    -Each Building provides a 10% increase in trade income. Each Monopoly provides 20%.
    -Monopoly buildings require 2 Huge buildings somewhere in the empire, and provide global bonuses(20% to a Global Yield, or 10% and +2 Happiness per city).
    5 Removed several beelines from the Social Page.
    6 Generally reduced Happiness from buildings.
    As of February 24
    7 Updated Resource Generator Mod with Deep Blue's save load fix. Resources should no longer generate every time you load.
    7 Fixed the Prereq lopp, which caused crashes around renaissance, as well as the 10 minute map creation time. Thanks to those who helped narrow it down.
    8 Fixed some issues with the Pearl and Crab buildings.
    As of February 27
    9 Updated the mod to be compatible with the latest patch.
    10 Due to recent luxury resource removal, Unhappiness from population has been returned to 1 per pop(from 1.25).
    11 Added flavors to the new monopoly buildings. Please keep an eye out for clues as to the AI's use of these buildings.
    12 Golden Ages no longer provide tile yield changes. They now provides a 10% bonus to Science, Food, Production, and Gold. Let me know how this feels when you get them.
    13 Changed Aristocracy's bonus to +1 Culture per Monument, and +3 Culture per Castle.
    14 Various tweaks and bug fixes.
    As of March 2
    15 Numerous text/yield/etc fixes that were leftover from the latest patch changes.
    16 Changed Aristocracy/Imperial Cult to Happiness bonuses due to the +Culture to building schema not working.
    17 Numerous tweaks made to the AI resource valuation. I found that luxuries had a plot valuation of 50000, while strategics only had like 20. Other things were changed as well, but this is probably the big one. Let me know if you see a difference.
    18 Changed the resource graphics for rice/corn/soybean to wheat. Changed alligator to deer. This was done so that the improvement graphics match the resource graphic. As soon as we can gain the ability to add unique improvement/resource graphics, this will be changed to something more suitable.
    19 Fixed various improved resource yield valuations.
    20 Thank Feuteupool for the newest tech/building icons!
    As of March 6
    21 Minor tweaks and bug fixes.
    22 Increased happiness in some early ancient buildings.
    23 Changed the AI's valuation of gold in diplomacy. The idea is for a 10x increase in gold costs in diplomacy. Let me know if you see this.
    24 Updated Inca's Terrace farm to be compatible with the mod.
    25 Increased Bazaar's Gold bonus compared to the Market.
    As of March 8
    26 Minor tweaks and Bug Fixes
    27 Separated the DLC tech related fixes into a separate mod file. Download and install the file only if you have downloaded the Inca and Polynesian DLC's(or your game will break). Enable the DLC fix mod AFTER you enable the CtP Project.
    28 Fixed some other DLC unit and building costs.
    As of March 9

    Known Issues
    1 Natural wonder popup says +1 happiness but you get +2.
    2 You can trade strategic resources with an AI/city state, build resource buildings, loose the resource(making you negative that resource), and then still produce units using your resource requiring buildings. I don't think the AI knows how to exploit this, so it isn't a huge deal(but one I intend to fix when I can). Up to you whether you want to exploit it.
    3 Various vanilla techs as well as new techs have incorrect or outdated help text strings. This will be polished up once buildings, units, and techs are no longer added to the mod.
    4 Currently working on broad based balance issues, particularly Gold.

    10 New Governments, 50 new sub-policies.
    2 New Complete Eras, Digital Era and NanoTech Era. 1 New Incomplete Diamond Era.
    Total of 105+ new techs in this mod.
    New Units, Buildings, and changes:

    A total of 36 new units.
    A total of 130+ new buildings.

    Project Needs:
    Graphics for wonders, units, and improvements.
    Tech audio.

    To Come

    Short term:

    Bug smashing.
    Completion of the tech tree.
    Addition of new map resources.
    Addition of buildable resources.

    Mid term:

    Religios Social Policy Pages
    Civilization specific tech trees.
    New improvements once we have unique graphics for them.

    Long Term:

    Sea cities, mining, etc.
    Space cities.
    Trade monopoly system.
    Subversive Units.

    Proposed Government and Religious Policies
    This is a work in progress and will be implemented once the multiple social policy page mod by FiresForever is complete. How this will work is that you can be 1 government and 1 religion at a time. The ideologies and systems will be more open, but some choices will lock out others. All basic religions will be available at turn 1. Everything else will unlock through the eras(or techs if possible).

    As this is a work in progress, suggestions are of course appreciated.

    --------------Growth-----Production---Commerce----Research----Economy---Military-----Loyalty-------Martial Law
    Fascism------Slow---------High-----------Low-----------Low---------Low--------V. High---Fanatical-------Strict
    Communism-Average----V. High---------High----------Low----------Low--------V. High---Passionate---Moderate
    Corporate----Fast----------High--------V. High----------High---------Rich--------Medium---Loyal----------None
    Technocracy-Average-----High----------V. High-------V. High------Medium-----High-------Loyal--------Relaxed
    Ecotopia-------V. Fast----Medium--------High----------High---------High--------Medium---Passionate----None
    V. Democracy-Fast--------High----------V. High-------V. High-------Rich---------Low-------Loyal----------None


    1 Growth- Slow= +0, Average= +10 Food to farms/boats, Fast= +30, Very Fast= +60
    2 Production- Low= +0, Medium= +10 Production to Specialists/mines/mills/manufactories, High= +30, Very High= +60.
    3 Commerce- Low= +0, Medium= +10 Gold to Specialists/posts/plantations/pastures/quarries, High= +30, Very High= +60.
    4 Research- Low= +0, Medium= +15% Research, High= +30%, Very High= +60%
    5 Economy- Low= +0, Medium= +15% Trade Gold, High= +30%, V. High= +60%
    6 Military- Low= +0, Medium= +15% Great General / -15% Unit Maintenance, High= +30% / -30%, Very High= +60% / -60%
    7 Loyalty- Indifferent= -0, Loyal= -10% Unhappiness from Population, Passionate= -20%, Fanatical= -40%
    8 Martial Law- None= +0, Relaxed= +1 Happiness from Garrison, Moderate= +3, Strict= +5.

    The general feel of this chart is almost the same as CtP. The values, due to different mechanics are different. They are also subject to broad changes after some good testing.

    Also, this chart may be added to at some point, if some worthwhile mechanics present themselves. Perhaps military, building, and wonder construction bonuses. Definitely a culture column at some point.

    Also, each of these governments is going to have the standard 5 policies in the branch. The policies may enhance certain aspects the government is already good at, enhance weaknesses of the government, or it may add new aspects that the core government has not addressed.

    As you can see, things are going to change quite a bit once this is implemented, with more balancing focusing around expected government changing periods. A separate tech page for governments will be created and you will have to learn the government tech before you can adopt the government. The order in the chart is the same as they will be researched.

    (Default Despotism)
    1 Monarchy - Tribal Kingship, Dynasty, Absolute Monarchy, Divine Right, Crown Loyalty
    2 Theocracy - Religious Law, Imperial Cult, Clergy, State Church, Papism
    3 Republic - Social Contract, Civic Virtue, Rule of Law, Senate, Mixed Government
    4 Democracy - Consensus, Equality, Direct Vote, Representation, Separation of Powers
    5 Fascism - Action, Discipline, Hierarchy, Spirit, Will
    6 Communism - Proletariat, Nationalization, State Socialism, Comintern, Utopian Socialism
    7 Corporate - Executive Board, Shareholder View, Corporate Charter, Corporate Bylaws, Management Class
    8 Technocracy - Information Society, Social Engineering, Post Scarcity, Modes of Action, Energy Accounting
    9 Ecotopia - Gaia Hypothesis, EcoFanaticism, Sustainability, Precautionary Principle, Homo Illuminatus
    10 Virtual Democracy - Open Source Governance, Instant Referendum, Pure Democracy, Executive Recall, Radical Transparency

    Gov Ideologies
    1 Socialism
    2 Capitalism
    3 Liberalism
    4 Conservatism
    5 Environmentalism
    6 Nationalism
    7 Populism
    8 Pacifism
    9 Imperialism
    10 Anarchism

    Gov Systems
    1 Federalism
    2 Autocracy
    3 Aristocracy
    4 Feudalism
    5 Pluralism
    6 Parliamentary
    7 Constitutional
    8 Plutocracy
    9 Totalitarianism
    10 Electoral

    1 Buddhism
    2 Hinduism
    3 Judaism
    4 Zoroastrianism
    5 Confucianism
    6 Christianity
    7 Islam
    8 Taoism
    9 State Divinity
    10 No State Religion

    Religious Ideologies
    1 Fundamentalism
    2 Secularism
    3 Atheism
    4 Piety
    5 Inquisition
    6 Tolerance
    7 Anti-Religion
    8 Evangelical
    9 Shamanism
    10 Occult
    (List CtP features moved 2 posts down)

    If anyone would like to help with any of these features, especially in the art/graphics department, I think we can make something great. Where possible, I will probably try to compile as much quality work as I can from other sources.
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