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DirectX options in Steam launch window???

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    This thread is quite old, seven years, BUT...

    If you play Civ5 with Steam, right click on your ``Sid Meier's Civilization V'' entry in your game list.
    Select ``Properties''.
    There click on ``Set launch options..''.
    Enter \dx11 for avoiding the DirectX StartScreen, and always play with DirectX 11.
    \dx9 for DirectX 9, and \win8 for the touchscreen option.

    To find out, what version of DirectX you're running, press ``Ctrl + Alt + R'', enter ``C:\Windows\system32\dxdiag.exe'',
    or ``C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dxdiag.exe'' [<- preferred version, approved by the dungeon master!].

    This is unter ``Windwos 7''.

    If you want to scip the intro video, and save about three seconds, opposed to changing the option inside the game options menu,
    add ``\novid'' to the launch options.

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      Time to upgrade my bicycle to 460GTX


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        You can jus tgo into the game directory under

        c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\<game>

        Usually under there there is either a folder or such where the first time installers are run from. It's easier to ismply re-run them from there. You can 'force' the rerun via registry hacking but that's potentially dangerous.

        I'ts also better to re-run them manually because the 'auto' installers uusally run in silent mode, where errors are basically supressed. By running it manually you can actually see what the problem the installer is having and address it.

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          nateboussad hey, thanks for the information buddy.