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    Weird.... This page (and only this page) is with the default skin (the one that hurts my eyes)...

    Btw, the advisors could be better, don't you think? I'm talking about the graphics and the interface, not the advise itself... Civ III was away better...
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      Ah yes, the Civ III advisors were animated, wasn´t it?
      Have to agree that they could have done a little bit more with them in Civ V
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        I have played all the civ games and liked them all. Unfortunately, I do not think that civ 5, 4 or 3 are any better than civ 2. The only significant improvement of any of the last 3 games is to add borders to your nation as a whole. Remember the paratroopers in civ 2 gone for so long now. My point is that each new civ game adds a great element and takes another great element away. This does not make the sequel better, only different. Who's with me?
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          Originally posted by Pax View Post
          This does not make the sequel better, only different. Who's with me?
          For many games I agree with you, but for me there's only one thing in Civ 2 that I miss that's not present in Civ 5 and that is the advisors. Sure, they are in, but they are not as funny as in Civ 2. I'm glad the carawans are gone, I never liked the paratroopers and the fact that your settler/worker unit could change the terrain to anything like mountains to dessert was also bad (or is it just me who remembers wrong?)
          The palace in Civ 2 was also bad, I liked the one in Civ 1 much more. I don't care about wonder movies (after seeing it once I don't care about it anymore)
          There's probably a lot of stuff about Civ 2 that I have forgotten, haven't played it since the release of Civ 3

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            I only wished the game played as good as it looks, if that was the case it would be almost as good as being a nation's leader inside the Matrix lol