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  • release party game!

    So I am going to be working until around 9 pm tommorow but I don't have to be at work on Wed until 11 AM. So....thought I might see if I can get midnight (10 pm) release party for civ v started. Lets play an epic huge map game with 18 people . Get drunk and party the night away playing civ! Who is with me! Lets crash the mp servers on the first night!

    Post here if interested or friend zaldar on steam and send me a note!
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      Id be there, but I think the tester version wont allow me to join and the release version isnt open till European release time


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        Let's see if my version will give me acces!
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          ok people where are the steam friend requests!

          Ok about ready to start my game....after I get my food still haven't seen any friend requests on steam.....I'm zaldar there if you want to friend me!
          A university faculty is 500 egoists with a common parking problem


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