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Is Civilization V the most anticipated game of the year?

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    I guess I don't see how principle comes into it.

    In Civ4, Firaxis previously bundled an online registration, online game updates, and what was that "play with your friends" system that it prompted during install? Don't remember, I didn't use it. But it came with the game all the same.

    So now they're apparently outsourcing to a different company, which does all this together instead of piecemeal. What's the big deal?

    Now, I myself have a big concern about whether it installs a background process on my system that will always be running. But that's not principle, that's a real concern.
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      You can set the option to not start at startup. And you can play the game in offline mode. So it's not as bad as people here have been portraying. And if you're an MP player, it resolves a lot of connection/hosting issues if you play behind a wireless router.

      While it still doesn't thrill me there is the advantage that it can automatically keep you updated on patches. (one silver lining) And I think it will encourage more frequent patching which could be a GREAT THING. So don't cut off your nose to spite your face.
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        Thanks, Rah. I figured something like that.

        And, to the guy who says he's going to boycott it? Orly? What do you do when that OMT twitch starts happening and your whole body goes into convulsions? What then, smart guy??? Boycott, yeah right. It's all talk. It's not like Arizona, where you can drive around through Colorado to get to California. It's more like saying you're going to boycott air. Talk to me when they invent a water breathing apparatus.


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          Originally posted by Kolbeg View Post
          What Ive been missing now for many years is a follow-up from my Space TBS, Moo2. Would really like to see a game of that sort soon.
          There are two games more or less recent, that worth trying IMO. One is Galactic Civilization II (with all expansions) and another new game is Armada 2526, though it is not as polished as GalCiv II. There are others of course, but I think these are the most interesting. There is Sword of stars, Space Empires and so on...

          And yeah, Sword of Stars II is in the making, and I am sure, GalCiv III will happen some day.
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  's ONLY COMING OUT of Steam?

            I was under the impression that it was a game that you had to activate over Steam, but you still could buy a physical copy...

            This is sounding worse and worse all the time.

            edit: Did some reading, and it doesn't sound to me like a Steam only release.

            Though...biting the bullet to get the Babylonians almost might be worth it.
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              It will include Steam & Steamworks, but will be available from sources other than Steam. And, there will by a box+disc version.