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How adjustable is CIV5?

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  • How adjustable is CIV5?

    I know, you guys don't know this as well, but I hope they make the game just as ajustable as Civ4. Would be cool play the game your way.

    And yes it's strange to talk about modification before the game out, but hey.. if you don't like the game you can modify it your way..

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    What do you mean adjustable? You mean like mods?
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      I guess he means like in options. Permanent war/peace, no barbs/raging barbs and such.
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        While mods are nice, and adjustable... I really liked what they did with Civ IV. They made it really easy to customize play to whatever style you wanted. Map types, barbs, tech trading, aggressive AI... allowing you to really create custom games. It sure added to the playablity of the game in the long run.

        I hope Civ V keeps up with those traditions.
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          Well, I don't know about you guys, but my Civ4 came with an elastic strap and cinch clasp. It pretty much will fit anyone from a little 5 yr old girl up to a weightlifter. You might say it's "one size fits all" but that would be an overused cliche.

          I daresay Civ5 will come the same way, if you stop off at the fabric store on the way home. They have the elastic for the waistbands and the clasps are like $0.50. So, for $2.50 you can make your Civ5 fully adjustable too!


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            Okey, I ONLY play Earthmaps, with fixed(real) starting locations. If I remember correctly, I think it was in Civ3 were the game did not even ship with a Earthmap, and a horrible map/scenario generator.

            So what I need is an editor similar to the ones we had in Civ2 and SMAC, were I was able to make my Earth/Planet - Maps/scenarios. If a good Earthmap, with real starting locations, in many sizes will ship with the game IŽll be very happy.


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              I mean that you can adjust in 2 ways..... the mod way... so that we can have like civ4 many mods, make the game last forever, end 2: yes options.. perhaps stack of 2 for each hex? Barbs yes or no, map maker you know.. those things...Victory options ect ect
              Civilization is a game where man dominate a fictive world.. woman does it for real


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                Who knows? We've had barely a word over the last few months and I'm begining to believe that it's all a hoax.
                We need seperate human-only games for MP/PBEM that dont include the over-simplifications required to have a good AI
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