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    jbavon, those questions can't really be answered until the game comes out, and seem to me to be a bit too detailed/esoteric to speculate upon. By that I mean... those are ancillary and incidental to the major change.


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      Originally posted by jbavon View Post
      I have a question, and this is probably the thread closest to it.

      If units can only occupy one tile, will transport ships only be able to hold one unit? If not, how will loading and unloading work?

      Will units on a tile have a given size (barbarian: 1, tank: 20)? Will transport ships have a maximum unit size that they can transport?
      We don't know how stacking will work for ships - maybe it will be allowed or maybe not. That said, it has been stated that:

      1) All ships will be able to transport units.
      2) Units will be able to 'covert' themselves into transport ships upon reaching the sea or another body of water, so you won't need to build transports.

      I mostly like change 1. There are some disadvantages to it, but I think there is more good to it than the bad. I am less sure about change 2, however, as it seems to make a seaborne invasion a bit too easy. Bodies of water SHOULD act as obstacles, in my opinion and SHOULD need the building of a proper invasion fleet to overcome. It could still work well if some sort of supply-line system were implemented, but by itself it appears like too much of a simplification to me.
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        If you balance it with some sort of increased cost of turning a unit into a ship, then it makes it possible to do a sea invasion without spending most of the game setting up the attack, researching the techs and all, without totally unbalancing the sea as a defense. However at the moment it takes the first half of the game to set up a sea attack and the next half executing it. At least for me, but then again I'm a noob.
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          I have not heard the "all ships will be able to transport units".

          The latest I have heard (civfanatics has it credited to pcpowerplay) is that after researching the appropriate technology, units will be able to convert into transports. We do not know if this will take any time/movement and we do not know if the will be considered military or civilian (which is relevant because it has been stated that each tile will be limited to one of each). We also do not know anything about how they convert back.

          I suspect (and this is pure speculation) that embarking will require a unit's whole turn; and that a unit will be unable to move the turn it lands. The amphibious promotion (if it still exists) might change any and/or all of that.

          With the 1UPT limit, water will still represent a significant obstacle. Your invasion force will probably only be able to land a few units each turn - and you will have to be able to move off the beach in order to land any more. We will also have to see what penalties there are for amphibious assaults. . .


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            The hexs kind of remind me of playing battletech in middle school.
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              The hexes will remind me of playing real war games back in the 70's

              And you are right thyrwyn... no matter how they do it, water will still represent a significant obstacle.

              The absolute number of units will definitly be different, changing the whole style of how it's done now with the massive landing fleets.
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                I like gribbler's idea - a hex of keys on the regular keyboard makes sense. I've missed having a NumPad for Civ since getting a laptop, and the "NumPad" overlayed on a regular keyboard just doesn't cut it, with the layout not being rectangular but more like a rhombus. This would work just as well on a laptop as a desktop, and vice versa.

                Ideally, though, this would be configurable. Such keyboard configurability is common now in shooters, Microsoft Office, and the Total War series. There's no good reason shortcuts shouldn't be configurable in Civ. A good set of defaults is great, of course, but user-configurable settings provides a way around nearly all awkward arrangements that may come up on individual keyboards.


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                  Last, and only, hex game I can remember playing is this one:

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                    I hoped for hexes in Civ4, but to no avail. So I'm very glad they'll be making their debut in Civ5. Not just to remove the fast-skipping diagonal supermove, but also to make the terrain more organic.
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                      I am all about the hexes. Like Ming and some others, I played the old school wargames from Avalon Hill, Spi, et al with my dad growing up in the 70s and 80s. First game I played was Afrika Korps. Awesome!
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                        Originally posted by Dauphin View Post
                        Last, and only, hex game I can remember playing is this one:

                        Ah, History Line 1914-18... I loved that game!
                        That game made me appreciate hexagonal tiles, so I'm thrilled about civ having this too!
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                          Hexes make eminent sense. Used to them from the old AH/SPI games, especially Waterloo. Mouse is the way to move units, provided they can move through each other. Any news on that front?
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