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CivWorld, Apolyton, Closed Beta, and you!

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  • CivWorld, Apolyton, Closed Beta, and you!

    Update: This offer is now closed. Thanks for those that signed up!

    If you haven't received your invite yet but you signed up using the instructions, you should receive an invite either this week or the next.

    Originally posted by Original Post
    Hey guys!

    Long time reader first time poster.

    As you might already know, CivWorld will be entering Closed Beta any day now, and when that happens we'll be letting in large swaths of people who previously signed up for the alpha.

    I'm coming here to let you guys know that those of you who already signed up under the team name "Apolyton Diplogamers" are going to be in the first wave let in to the beta.

    *instructions removed*
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