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    I love the CIVILIZATION series!,...and will likely never tire of it!. Alternate features im looking for are:

    *Adjusting the 'Time-Scale',...meaning that i have control over the passage of time,...such as maybey...4-turns/year...or 8-turns/ well as how rapidly 'Technological-Advances' are permitted to take place.

    *Adjusting the 'Time-Frame', that if i desire to play world history only through certain/specific time periods,...that i would be able to do so. For example,...suppose i want only to play through the Pre-Medieval & Medieval Period only,...with only gradual changes in technology...and as well have no set limit as to the number of years that this time frame could be played out!, would only be played out completely when the victory conditions have been met!.
    For me,...i would like to try the 'Spanish Conquest of Central/South America in DETAIL to experience the conquest of the "New-World" through a more realistic Time/Geographical scale!.

    *'Calibration of Map-Sizes' for the various categories of Map Sizes!. I prefer humongous map's that take an eternity to explore!,...advances in technolgy will of course shorten the exploration time/effort in discovering/uncovering the Map. In this case for example,...i could use a Humongous North American Map or a Combined North American/South American Map...or whatever MAP i desire to create myself!.

    *Hypothetical Non-Current Technolgies as was in previous verions of such or similar games that could be used for game-play",...Such as UnderWater Tunnels between Continent's,...or Tunnel Boring Machine Technolgy[New] to join cities/landmasses with UnderGround Tunnels for speed & Security!. Of course the Cities joined with such or other innovative technolgies could be conquered and disrupt or limit the effectiveness of such UnderGround Tunnel Systems.

    So...basically the same game,...with more variations to it to expand its basic concept to the brink/edge of the Outer-Limits!.

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    Retributar: those things can be done for Civ2, 3 and 4. (i have no idea about Civ 5).

    Which Civ iteration are you asking about?

    For Civ 2 use the map editor to create a world, and pick the size. Then start a game on that map and use the cheat function to create a scenario. Design you scenasrio, save it aqnd exit. Then you can play that scenario.

    For Civ 4 use the "custom game" option to set up a world. Start that game and use "world builder" to fiddle around with your world. Save the scenario then exit. You can then play your newly created scenario.


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      Which game you like to play?


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        Altering the time span, so that in the event that i want to play world history just through certain/particular eras, that i would have the capacity to do as such..

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