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    2000 - 1600 BC

    Ah, we've moved to another forum. If I'd thought about it earlier, I would have considered it almost a sacrilege to categorise the original Civilization as one of the "Other Games". This place makes much more sense. It's a bit quiet around here, but we're used to that. (In fact, I'm using the plural here just to keep me company.)

    1980 BC - Alexander, Ramesses and Napoleon want techs from us, but don't get anything.

    1960 BC - Our diplomat visits a tribal village and learns the secrets of Mathematics.

    1940 BC - Byzantium builds settler and starts on temple.

    1920 BC - Lighthouse built in Thebes (Egypt)

    1860 BC - Rome builds temple and starts on Colossus.

    1840 BC - Romans discover Literacy, start researching Trade.

    1740 BC - Nicopolis finishes granary, starts on temple.

    1660 BC - Another conference call with Alexander, Ramesses and Napoleon. We trade Mathematics to the Greeks in return for Iron Working. The others don't have anything for sale.

    1620 BC - Byzantium finishes temple and starts on Colossus. Rome switches from Colossus to library. Settlers near Byzantium have irrigated the horse tile and mined the coal tile, so the city has excellent production capabilities.

    General developments:
    - We are almost ready to switch governments. Temples are constructed in several cities and a few settlers have started to irrigate grasslands to speed growth in order to quickly recover the production lost to support.
    - Our exploring diplomat has not yet discovered foreign cities but revealed a huge lake south east of Byzantium. There are coal mines in the west and rivers in the south of that lake offering attractive city sites for our next round of expansion.
    - When that happens, Byzantium will become the geographic centre of the empire and we might consider moving the capital there (particularly if me manage to get the Colossus before someone else does).


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      The 1600 BC save. Please feel free to continue.
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        1600 - 1200 BC

        1580 BC
        - Rome's wandering diplomat receives a gift of 50 gold coins in a villige south of the lake in the southwest of Byzantium, now known as the Great Lake.

        1500 BC
        - Herodotus ranks us as the second most powerful civilization in the world.
        - Roman wise men discover the concept of Trade. The start to think about how to operate a Republic.
        - Nicopolis finishes its temple and starts to build a caravan.
        - Hammurabi says hello.

        1480 BC
        - Rome builds a library and starts to build a caravan.

        1460 BC
        - Thebes (Egypt) builds the Colossus. Darn! Byzantium switches production towards the Oracle.

        1420 BC
        - Syracuse is established on the coast near the Roman-French border.
        - An embassy is established in Paris. The new intelligence reveals that the French are behind us in technology and have contact with only the Babylonians with whom they are at peace.

        1400 BC
        - Carthage builds a granary and starts on a temple.

        1340 BC
        - Alexander demands 100 gold as tribute. We refuse and the Greeks declare war on us.
        - We trade Monarchy to the Egyptians in return for the Republic and pay them 100 gold to attack the Greeks.
        - Revolution in Rome.

        1280 BC
        - Republican government formed in Rome.
        - Rome builds caravan and starts on a diplomat.
        - Brundisium builds a granary and starts construction of a temple.
        - Luxury rate set to 20 % to balance unhappy citizens in towns with units in the field.

        1220 BC
        - Nicopolis finishes caravan and starts on another.

        1200 BC
        - Carthage finishes temple and starts building barracks.

        I haven't pursued the war against Greece more actively because our land access is blocked by Egyptian units and I feel that the Egyptians can hold their own for the time being. The general plan is to use the Republic and the remaining BC-years to build up a technology and infrastructure before joining the fighting. Of course, anyone picking up the game is free to take a different approach.
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          Great, we've moved again! I haven't played this one in a while, but the mission statement is to finish prior to the release of Civ5, so there's no rush. If anyone is in the mood to pick this up, please feel free to continue.


          P.S.: If this thread doesn't belong into the new subforum (it's not really "General" in the strictest sense), moderators are welcome to take appropriate action. (I just hope that the thread doesn't eventually end up in the off-topic forum.)


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            Great reading, folks! (I've put a couple of detailed game reports on but not for commercial civ series games.)

            I'd query "intelligence reveals that the French are behind us in technology" - Civ1 tends to show only a selection of foreign techs.

            Why was eastward exploration delayed for so long? No ships?

            My settler on its way to Caesarea would have built a road west of Rome so as to have a complete linkage.

            I still play Civ1 occasionally on a year-2000 locally-made PC running Windows-Me. But I doubt if I can use zipped files and I was never any good at screenshots until I got GIMP on my newish laptop (where I have not managed to get DOSBOX working and where I generally cannot open zipped game files - Vista is far from perfect!).

            In Civ1 I rarely switch to Monarchy (and I consequently avoid its predecessors as long as possible) - too much resource drain while all the time still probably needing to build to keep enemies away. So it's Suffrage and Republic eventually.
            [Mr] Robin F Patterson


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              I am not playing this as a 2-player succession game.