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    I'm new here. I've been browsing tons of forums for an idea of what to do. I was laid off from my job about 3 month ago. I've been looking for a job since then, but did not even get a single interview. I worked as a web designer for a publishing company for the last 5 years. Looks like is an active forum with active members and may be someone has some experience working as a freelance web designer. May be "Civilization: Revolution" category is not the most appropriate for this question, but I want to try anyways to get some opinions before I go ahead with my life. I'm wondering if it is possible in the current economy to find work for a freelance web designer and make enough to pay for rent and groceries. I was able to find a small project on craigslist and I developed a website for a company. It was a small project and took me only a week to complete. I got paid $800 for 1 week of work which is not bad. Please people give me some ideas. I have 2 kids and my wife is out of work as well. Thank you in advance.
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    in terms of ideas, Firaxis Games (the company who makes the games that this website is about) is looking for people (Firaxis Games Jobs), but since u're a web designer, idk if any open jobs would work. they're all software or animation or artwork or audio, so...

    it sounds like you have a good idea with the apolyton web job, though. also, idk if they're hiring, but the website for an online game I play, KingdomGame (KingdomGame Home Page), might be willing to hire. you can contact the game's creator, Paul Hutson, by emailing him at this address or posting on the game's forums .
    otherwise, idk...sorry to hear bout that, though
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      I feel for you, I really do. I was laid off as well and didn't get one interview either. I got called back to work, but the plant is closing so I will not be working much longer.

      For me, if I can't find a job I will make my own company and do one day or one week jobs just like you suggested, at least this way you get something. All you can do is look, look and keep looking.

      I was told from someone who hires people, it's basically 100 resumes sent out, only one reply back. Keep looking everyday, I know it's tuff, I am there as well.

      Where you live? At least in Canada they have a website for on the Emoployment website, that if you set up an account, they will email any job in your field. I have been getting a few but no luck yet for me. Just too many people out of work. Maybe there is something like this where you live.

      Also I keep hearing this word but guess it applies to everyone now and not just the office people. Networking. Maybe the company you worked for, know of others who might need someone. Your friends, previouis work employees. Keep in touch with everyone.

      Hope this gives you some good ideas, good luck and hope all works out for you.