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  • Best domination strategy?

    I started an "Attack of the Huns" game with the Arab civ (King difficulty), and I'm having a harder time getting to a domination victory than I expected. I think I spent too much time researching techs and building up my cities, rather than just churning out horsemen and going on the offensive.

    Does anyone have some good CivRev domination strategies? Am I wrong to try to get a technological edge on my rivals and then strike out on a final campaign in the later stages, rather than going for the quick pre-modern domination victory?

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    you need tech to have advanced units to take out your enemy, but you've gotta decide when your gonna rush: with horsemen, legions, knights or tanks. those are the most popular style of rushes.

    with the arab and their fundamentalism bonus, their horsemen can usually take out archers, so you just gotta hit them before they get pikemen.

    the aztecs are one of the simplest horsemen rushes to explain, so I'll write it down here:

    4000BC- settle your captial, rush a warrior for 20 gold. send him off to find huts. Set both your workers on science and research horseback riding in 5 turns.

    3500BC. After getting horseback riding, set both your workers on production and start making horsemen. Rush the units with gold whenever you can.

    around 10 turns or less, you should have your horsemen army. Go attack barb villages, which will be overrun by your horsemen, and collect the gold from the barbs. Try to get to as many AI enemy capitals as possible in the first 20 turns, and your should be able to kill them because it usually takes them about 20 turns or so to build archer armies.

    if you don't have all the caps, start playing a little more peaceful, build settlers, tech up to Republic and build as many cities as you can defend. Tech up to Feudalism (prereqs= monarchy and horseback riding), and rush them with knights.

    hope that helps.

    Horserushing is also easily done with the Arabs, Chinese, and Americans. Zulus are an easy rushing civ with warriors.

    if you need anymore hlep, don't hesitate to pm me or ask me here.