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A few questions, don't understand.

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  • A few questions, don't understand.

    Hey all again. There are a few things I don't understand. I thought the game was too easy on Cheiften level (I believe that was the easiest level.) So I started a new game, on King (2nd hardest level) and I am getting owned by the Chineese and blasted Russians.

    The Russians just asked for peace and got it. So I moved my armies to go after the Chineese and about 5 turns later the Russians demanded and I refused, so declared war on me. Well the gmae is a challenge.

    But there are some things I don't understand. I know courthouses allow me to go into the 2nd row for food or science or hammers. My question is I have a city of size 9 and anthour size 11, but not all the tiles are being used. Why not? Not even all the inner tiles are being used. Why would this be? I went into change, for like production, or food or what not, and still all tiles are not used.

    I noticed for the first time, that there are artists in the bottom left corner. Are these people producing hammers and science or what not that are not being used in the tiles? I was wundering how I was producing hammers when I didn't have any hammer tiles around the city.

    Also how does culture work? I have on city witch dosn't produc culture so he dosn't have his purple tiles around him. (playing romans.) I have anthour city witch is producing 17 culture per turn, but is the same, only 3 purple tiles around it? I thought culture would give me more purple tiles so it would show what lands I own and that no other nations can pass throught them then. How does this work exactly?

    Well time to do some real life stuff, and be back to play some more civ rev. Guess I will start a new game and go to the 2nd easiest level till I learn the game more.

    Good game so far.