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    I am pleased to announce that Civplayers is in the intial stages of providing a new volunteer run league for CivRev gamers.

    This forum is simply the first step in Civplayers efforts to provide a full range of competitive semi-professional gaming options for the multiplayer aspect of CivRev on both the PS3 and Xbox360 platforms, and any other popular platforms in the future.

    We do realize that 2K has built in rankings and a GOTW but these are fairly rudimentary, and we intent to build on them and offer the players the full gamet of what a Civplayers leagues can offer. On top of a skill system based on the Glicko2 system which very accurately messures skill across the full range of players, we will also offer and support tournaments, Clans, and a Clan Championship Cup as well and any style of team or FFA tournaments.

    We are the same people that have run and organized leagues for Civ3 Play the World, Civ3 Conquests, and the entire Civ4 franchises, we have years of experence with multiplayer issues in the Civ series and can offer that expertise to CivRev. And While other fan sites can offer general info we intent to focus on the MP concerns and the human nature factors that go along with that.

    This forum is just the first step, we fully intend to proceed with a fully programmed league just like this one here. as long as you the players show that there is a market for this league. So speak up and let us know.

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    Civilization Players Leagues
    Global Admin/Owner
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    Interesting sites, but no CivRev DS community.
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