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DS GotW, July 6 - 12

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  • DS GotW, July 6 - 12

    Since we don't have a DS leaderboard, I thought it'd be fun to have a central location for GotW results. We have a lot of flexibility (choose civ & difficulty level), so comparing games directly will be impossible.

    This was my second CivRev game, which is the reason for Chieftain level. Maybe we can choose a weekly difficulty level. The new GotW file goes up on Sundays.

    Civ: The Mongols
    Difficulty: Chieftain
    Finish Date: 1600 AD
    Score: 10088
    Leader Rank: 7th
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    Is there a way to see the ranking for previous scores and such without ending another game? As I said in the other thread I got a 900BC Shaka domination win on Chieftain but I can't remember the score or rank.
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