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On Liberation Through "CivRev"

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  • On Liberation Through "CivRev"

    Over the weekend GameSpy published their interview with Sid Meier from E3 2007 on Civilization: Revolution, coming to most current generation consoles next year. "I've come to pick Sid's brain and find out why a man synonymous with the hardcore PC strategy titles is at last embracing the world of the console", prefaces interviewer Allen "Delsyn" Rausch.

    "We have an exciting story to tell -- the history of the world -- and we can present this story in such a way that it fits into the expectations of console gamers", Meier replies in part to Rausch's query. "It's kind of liberating to start over again with a whole new generation of gamers".

    In the two-page documented chat, Meier reacts to the defensive position a number of hardcore PC strategy gamers have taken in response to the announcement of this latest Civ title. "[W]e're not really looking for a crossover audience with [CivRev]. We'd much rather have a core of ideas that lend themselves to multiple approaches. [CivRev] appeals to people who love the idea but are turned off by the complexity or don't have the time for a marathon Civ session".
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