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Anyway to find resources on a map?

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  • Anyway to find resources on a map?

    I just discovered steam power...but i need coal to build railroads. However, i cant find it anywhere after looking throughout the map. I traded territory and world maps with everyone but i still cant find it. Is there any search tool or technique that i cna use to find coal on the map?


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    There is no tool that can find a resource, you will need to search the map. It could be that there is no coal (I think that is possible).
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      does anyone know if a map has to have all resources?


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        If the game set it up (the map), and you haven't modded anything, then yes. It has to have all resources; one per Civ. To make the reaource easier to see; press ctrl-shft-m, while in game to clear map of overlays, you miht be able to see it better.


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          nvm, i found the resource...but does a map have to have all resources?