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adding techs with new icons

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  • adding techs with new icons

    i read somewhere that if you want to add new techs, then you have to reduce the writing icon by one number or something (whatever the heck that means) for every new tech; and thus you can't have more than 82 extra techs and you can't add new icons (w/o replacing old ones).

    uhhhh, this is totally untrue, so was it just a 1.21 thing that has been corrected in 1.29 or do you guys need me to tell you how to do it?

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    That was changed in 1.29f. People can now add new techs with no problems. Now if they could just get around to letting us add eras as well.


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      You should chank the date of the posts, and see what patch were the mot recent at the time.
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