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Modmakers Guide: Common Crashes, Glitches, Errors, and AI problems

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    Two things to never do:


    - Create a new government and forget to add leader titles (game will crash with a divide error as soon as an advisor tries to address you).

    - Use graphical mods with one of the newer versions of ICQ running (seems to have caused problems in above post).
    This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.
    If the problem persists, please contact the program vendor.


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      I am new to changing files in civ 3 and need some help. I made my own map and would like to edit the leader heads so that they match my new civilizations. The problem is that I don't think I have the software to do this and was wondering what software you edit these files with.


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        (edit, added #3)
        not 100% if these are what causes crashes, but when I finally found these things and changed them, my scenario wouldnt crash no more..

        1 - dont make a settler require a tech or resource.

        2- if your not using spaceship parts, and they (the spaceship parts) can be built, just delete them from the list of wonders/improvements

        3- this might apply to all buildings.. I changed the Walls improvement so it had a bombard defense of 10, and def. bonus of 50. also renamed it and gave it police station effect. That crashed whenever you zoomed to a city with the improvement.

        Changed to bombard defense of 8, and it fixed. So bombard value of 10 = crash ??
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          Good help file

          I personally appreciate your help thanks for taking the time to post the information. I sure hope it is information you are just sharing for the sake of helping everyone. I sure recall working with you, I had a different impression for sure.
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            el_dios_de_todo any program that can edit FLCs will work like Animation Shop (comes with Paint Shop Pro) or ImageReady (comes with Photoshop).
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              I am working on a WWII mod right now, and I almost finished and started playtesting, but the mod wouldn't load. Once it starts to configurate the scenario it crashes. Anyone has any ideas on how to fix this?
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                Desert Dog,

                I don't think Korn meant for this to be an ego booster. My understanding was that he was trying to set up a thread where people could post known bugs and hopefully find answers to their questions.

                That is just my take on the thread.
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                  Desert Dog,

                  many things that are common knowledge to modmakers now were fairly unknown back in February when korn started this thread.
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                    I am having a problem with a wonder that I added.
                    I created the Magna Charter, and copied the Sistine pediaicon for the Magna Charter, since I am not adept with graphics.

                    But, when it comes time to complete the construction of Magna Charter, an error message says something about not being able to read the Wonder Splash icon.

                    So, I went back to the appropriate text file, added a copy of the Sistine Chapel wonder splash icon for the Magna Charter.

                    It still contains this error message when I try to complete the construction of Magna Charter.

                    Please help, anyone. thanks
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                      First I'll quote the pediaicons.txt:

                      art\wonder splash\sistine chapel.pcx

                      art\wonder splash\Battlefield Medicine.pcx

                      Okay, now notice the number. This is the number of the wonder in the building order. Look for which number your Magna Charter is in your improvements list (probably it's the last one). Then look how many improvements come in between it and Battlefield Medicine (the SS parts, etc). Then add the number to 68 and it should work. Let's say there are 12 buildings in between:

                      art\wonder splash\magna charter.pcx

                      Got it? Have a look at there it is explained as well.
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                        Ok, thanks, thamis. I will let you know if this resolves the problem or not.
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                          Sorry -- I have not gotten back to you, but your solution did help out.

                          A lot of Republicans are not racist, but a lot of racists are Republican.


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                            I am having further problems with this same process... I have added the splash screen graphic for the small wonder Space Center to the appropriate directory, and also added it to the pediaicons.txt... I no longer get the error that it is missing the file...

                            BUT now when I build it, it just crashes with an illegal operation.

                            Any ideas?


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                              add a unit, without adding animations in the art/units folder will created the error "can't find ini file".

                              add a unit, without adding animations but only adding the ini file will created a vague error and crash the game, but only when the screen is centred on that particular unit.

                              adding a unit with the amphibious flag checked will result in the automatic generation of a ZOC by that unit

                              adding a unit with bombard range of 0, will make the AI not build (and use) that unit as a bombard unit.
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                                Here's a strange bug that I get with 1.29f. I made a new unit and a new building, and everything seems to work fine, except that sometimes getting a goody hut will crash the game with a stack overflow. It's only certain goody huts, but if a hut crashes the game once, it will crash every time. I can only assume that the hut has pre-determined what it will give, and whatever it's trying to give is crashing the game. Anyone else seen this?

                                =D ave