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Glossary for Civ3 Strategy on Apolyton

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  • Glossary for Civ3 Strategy on Apolyton

    I'm a newbie to the Civ experience and have been greatly enjoying the game and the thoughtful posts in this section of the BBS. (kiss, kiss)

    Trolling around, though, there are a lot of acronyms and inside references that are confusing to newbies like me. I trolled a bit more and started a list of possible glossary terms. Where I wasn't sure, I added ???s to ask for help or confirmation.

    BTW, IMHO, we don't need to cover common Web shorthand, just Civ-specific stuff. (ROFLMAO!!!)

    Care to edit correct or add?


    AI – Artificial intelligence. The “brains” behind rival civs.

    AV – Attack Value

    Client-State – A nearby civ that you have made war on in the early game and completely stifled his growth. The civ is now a smallish, backwater state. Not technologically advanced at all and the perfect customer for your older, unwanted resources (horses and saltpeter specifically, and any runoff luxury items that you can’t trade more profitably to a larger civ). These guys start off being furious with you (cos you attacked them early on), but with care and attention, you can change their minds. These are the civs you can carefully groom, nurture and grow into viable junior partners for yourself (perhaps even allowing them to “graduate” at some point by catching them up in tech—assuming you have found another civ to dump your horses and saltpeter on!). These are the real gems of the late game…sturdy, reliable allies you can count on when it’s down to you and a couple of other big sharks in the water. (Borrowed from Vel’s Strategy thread.)

    DV – Defense Value

    FCC – Five City Challenge? Win the game while limiting yourself to five cities?

    FP – Forbidden Palace

    GG – Glowing Goo (pollution)

    GL – Great Leader. Can be used to rush a Wonder or form an army.

    Goody Huts – Barbarian settlements in early stages that may contain techs, gold or units (or mean warriors).

    HP – Hit Points

    ICS – A popular strategy from Civ2???

    IFE – Infinite Forest Exploitation. Lumberjack a square of forest to get the ten shields for the nearby city. Replant. Repeat. Not permitted post-patch.

    LJ – lumberjacking forests for the 10 shield bonus

    Metagame – See Vel’s description on this page.

    MP – Multi-player. The fabled, someday element of Civ3. Some strategists are already theorizing for it.

    MPP – Mutual Protection Pact. A mutual defense deal struck with rival civs in diplomacy. Available mid-game.

    MW – Mounted Warrior (Iroquois UU)

    OCC – One City Challenge. Win the game while limiting yourself to one city.

    Oscillating war - Intentionally NOT focusing on a single civ to that civ’s destruction. Instead, fighting a series of “pruning” wars, taking each civ near you down a notch, one at a time. The end result is that you get big at everyone’s expense, everyone gets correspondingly smaller, and thus, easier to control (if you focus on just 1-2 civs and beat them down, sure, you’ll wipe them out, but while you’re busy with that, the civ you haven’t been messing with is building up his position….better to hit them all incrementally!) (Borrowed from Vel’s Strategy thread.)

    Paired City Strategy - ???

    Pruning - Attacking a Civ not to destroy, but merely to weaken. You grow at his expense. (Borrowed from Vel’s Strategy thread.)

    REX – A style of settlement in early stages designed to grab territory quickly. Rapid EXpansion? Grab cities at the far reaches of your first planned empire and back fill?

    ROP – Right of Passage agreement. Agree to let rival civ wander in your territory without repercussion and visa versa.

    rush building units - Despotic and Communist governments sacrifice the lives of their citizens (or at least they desert the city) to finish projects quickly. Democracies and Republics must pay cash.

    SMAC – Sid Meier’s Alpha Centuri. Space-based relative of the Civ series.

    SS – Space Ship

    Turtle – Build your civ to a point, then focus on passively building.

    UU – Unique Unit. Each Civ has one. (Greeks & Hoplite, etc.)

    Vassal-State - A nearby civ that you beat up on in the early game to force them to give up techs and money. Commonly employed to achieve tech parity on Monarch and above. (You can safely assume that these guys will be none too fond of you up until the day you decide to end their lives! These guys are your punching bags!) (Borrowed from Vel’s Strategy thread.)

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    Paired City Strategy - Using a "worker factory" in conjunction with 1 or 2 "unit factories"

    Worker Factory (Size 6 Strategy) - city with fresh water access and a granery, uses the doubling of the food box at size 6 to 7 to build a worker every turn.

    Unit Factory (Military Camp) - city dedicated to pop-rushing military units, later disbanded by building a settler.

    GL is sometimes used for the Great Library as well as Great Leaders. Also could refer to the Great Lighthouse, but haven't seen it used that way.

    ICS is where cities are founded very close together. I forget the wording exactly. Infinite/Incrimental? City Sprawl


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      What a great idea having a glossary, as I was a bit dazzled by abbreviations a year ago when I joined Apolyton. It was those universal abbreviations that threw me the most. IMHO helped me figure out IMO, and it took a long time to decipher IIRC, and dare I confess that ROFLMAO still has me puzzled in spite of having so many letters in it as clues?


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        REX = Rapid Early Expansion - Pump settlers out as fast as you can
        I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


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          RO(T)FLMAO=Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A*s Off
          If this were a movie, there'd be a tunnel or something near here for us to escape through.....


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            Shall I dare ask: IMHO????

            HELP please


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              Okay, we'll get into Web-shorthand as well ...

              IMHO = In My Humble Opinion (IMO just loses the humility)

              BTW = By The Way

              LOL = Laugh Out Loud

              ... and what DOES IIRC mean? I guessed it was Web-ese and not Civ-specific, but it does have me puzzled ...



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                IIRC = If I ReCall


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                  Originally posted by Platypus
                  IIRC = If I ReCall
                  Oh man ...

                  We're supposed to figure THAT out? Maybe it's easy if you're some advanced strategy player ... but no way newbies like me get that ... I'm just not that smart ...


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                    actually, I like to think that IIRC = If I Remember Correctly

                    not that there's much of a change in meaning, of course


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                      "IIRC = If I ReCall"

                      Originally "If I Remember Correctly"

                      ICS has a variety of translations, from the one you got above thru "Infinite City Strategy" to "Infinite City Sleaze." The translation varies with your style of gaming.
                      "...your Caravel has killed a Spanish Man-o-War."


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                        Thanks to you all for the contributions to this thread. INVALUABLE


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                          IIRC=If I recall correctly
                          AFAIK = As far as I know
                          ROFLMAONICW=ROFLMAO Naked In Cheeze Whiz

                          Is there an abbreviation for AI cheats or horridly lopside combat die rolls?


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                            The one that throws me for about 10 seconds every time I see it:

                            GA = Golden Age.


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                              Just saw a new one:

                              SSC - Super Science City. A high producing city with two or three of the following: Colossus, Copernicus' Observitory, Newton's University. Cranks hard on researching techs for you.

                              RE: "an abbreviation for AI cheats or horridly lopside combat die rolls"

                              How about:

                              TFIIWTAHBITPMAE - The Fix Is In Worse Than A Heavyweight Bout In The Post-Mohammad-Ali Era

                              ... hmmm ... might be too cumbersome ...

                              After this thread had run for a bit, I may post a corrected/condensed one ...