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Switching back to Normalcy Mode

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  • Switching back to Normalcy Mode

    Im using democracy and i went into war-time economy and i cant swtich back to normalcy....ive waited about 5 turns, i click on the war-time button, but it doesnt do anyhting
    how do i get outta wartime ?

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    I'm having this same problem. Is there a minimum number of turns that one must stay in wartime economy? The docs don't seem to say anything about this...



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      You must sign a peace treaty to end war-time mobilization. If you're at war with more than 1 civ, you don't need peace with all, just sign one treaty. And if you mistakenly mobilize when you AREN'T at war, you'll have to declare war to get a peace treaty to end it.


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        I mistakenly mobilized while at peace, and i cant declare war on anyone cause everyone's got a mutual protection pact.
        It's pretty stupid that you have to sign a treaty to de-mobilize, are you sure thats how it works?


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          Completely sure. Firaxians have posted to that effect a few times (might even be in their latest update)